Sunday, February 26, 2012

...are the Academy Awards! Can't wait to see the show. In my country, it starts at 2.30 AM, but who really cares? It's all worth it! I've been watching movies like a crazy person this week and finally succeeded in watching all the nominees in the Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress categories. Obviously, everyone has their expectations, and I'm not any different. So here are some really short reviews and both my predictions and the ones I wish would win. 

Best Picture Nominees:

The Help
Lovely film. It's been a while since I've seen it but I remember loving the acting by Ms. Davis, Ms. Chastain, Ms. Spencer and even Ms. Stone. It will be well deserved if Viola Davis would win tonight. 

The Descendants
Ah, George Clooney... He's still got it! I honestly didn't expect he would pull that part off but he did, he really did. This movie had exactly what I like to see in a film: nice set-up, good performances and a solid plot. I also liked the comic relief that the Sid character brought. 

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
By just having seen the trailer, I was surprised it got a nomination for Best Picture. And after viewing the movie itself, I'm just stunned that the Academy would acknowledge this film before 'Drive' or 'Shame'... About 30 minutes into it, I found it unbearable. The lead character is so unsympathetic, it makes it impossible to relate or even care. Furthermore, the cheap use of the 9/11 events and the sheer ridiculousness of an 11 year old boy wandering New York City on his own killed it for me. 

The Tree of Life
Of course I know the chances are slim to none, but in a perfect world, the Oscar for Best Picture would go to this peculiar, beautiful, bold piece of art. Although most people I asked either fell asleep or walked out after 20 minutes, I couldn't keep my eyes of the screen. I really admire Director Terrence Mallick for making such a film in the current state of cinema. 

War Horse
Now you should know that I absolutely despite animal movies so I had my reservations before seeing War Horse in the cinemas. I don't think it's deserving of the Oscar but I do applaud the way they handled the issue of a horse during war. Sure, there were some very implausible scenes worked in there (pause war to save a horse...?) but I genuinely enjoyed the film. 

The Artist
I like B&W film and I've enjoyed silent films but The Artist was something else. I really loved how it had a clear authentic quality but also a modern twist. Most are betting on The Artist for Best Picture and there's no loud objection from me.

Midnight in Paris
Classic Woody Allen: original, filled with interesting characters and a little bit odd. The thing with his movies is you either like them or not because he has such a specific view. I would really like it if Midnight in Paris won Best Picture but I don't think it'll happen.

I don't know if it's just me but I've been reading a little Oscar-buzz online and Moneyball seems to be the only one that doesn't have a cult following. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the great performances and the well-written script, I find the movie to be overrated. 

Just saw it today and loved it. The Martin Scorsese stamp pretty much guaranteed it for me and he didn't disappoint in the very least. It had all the features of a children's animated picture; the playfulness, the vibrant setting, the caricature-like characters; and yet there were serious issues addressed. Asa Butterfield as Hugo Cabret had me instantly with those baby blues of his. Very nice movie.

My ranking of the Best Picture nominees:

The Descendants
The Artist
The Tree of Life
The Help
Midnight in Paris
War Horse
Extremely Loud and Extremely Close

I hope:
'The Descendants' wins Best Picture.
George Clooney wins Best Actor.
Meryl Streep wins Best Actress.

I predict:
'The Artist' to win the Oscar for Best Picture.
Jean Dujardin to win for Best Actor.
Viola Davis wins Best Actress.

I admit I really suck at predictions so don't be surprised if I am 100% wrong. 
The Red Carpet on E! has just begun so I'll see you at the Oscars ;)

My 10 Best Actresses (6/10)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I know it's been more than half a year since my last post in this series but, at last, I start the top 5.

# 5

"As time goes on, I will play characters who get older; I don't want to be some botoxed weirdo."
- Jodie Foster
Favorite Movie: Flightplan
Best Performance: Nell
Status: Ms. Foster started off as a child star, starting her career when she was just 6 years old. But unlike many child stars who fail to launch an adult career (I shall not name names), Jodie had and still has a thriving filmography. She has won two Academy Award for 'The Accused' and 'The Silence of the Lambs' and many other awards for her acting work. She has also directed some, most recently 'The Beaver' starring Mel Gibson. 
Future Projects: 'Elysium', a sci-fi drama starring Foster and Matt Damon, is in post-production and will be released in 2013. Last year, she also said to be working (as writer/director) on a family-oriented science-fiction thriller but no further news on that yet.
Why Jodie?
Simply put: because she's such a wonderful actress. Even though I haven't yet found the courage to see her most acclaimed works (The Accused and The Silence of the Lambs), I've seen enough to be astonished. I recently saw her in 'Carnage' and so loved to see her on the big screen again. I love the way she approaches acting in that she has no brakes. She goes all in and almost becomes the character herself. And she is so versatile; name any genre in the book, she's done it!

And they're in...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Oscar Nominees have been announced. Just 33 days more to go and it will be Oscar Night!! :)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role


Best Achievement in Directing

Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year


Bullhead (2011): Michael R. Roskam(Belgium)
Footnote (2011): Joseph Cedar(Israel)
In Darkness (2011): Agnieszka Holland(Poland)

Best Achievement in Costume Design

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song


The Muppets (2011): Bret McKenzie("Man or Muppet")
Rio (2011): Sergio MendesCarlinhos BrownSiedah Garrett("Real in Rio")

Best Short Film, Live Action

I was surprised to find Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on the Best Picture list since I thought it was considered an over-sentimental depiction of the 9/11 events. I'm definitely excited to see The Tree of Life recognized (though I doubt it has a chance to win) but I'm not sure about the others yet. In this last month I'll watch them all and post my reviews of them, eventually leading up to my predictions and preferences. Let the Road to the Oscars begin!
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