Michelle-stuff in my room

Saturday, May 29, 2010

These are my Michelle-things in my room:

I got the clock for Christmas last year, from my little sister. We
were strolling in the mall one day and it caught my eye. I thought
about buying it and then put pictures in it from all my friends and family. But she surprised me with it on December 25th, and she had already put in the Michelle-pics! I found it such a great idea, and couldn’t wish for a better gift.

I do my hair and make-up in this mirror everyday. I got this little picture from a friend of mine. I found it appropriate to put it there, because Michelle’s sort of doing her hair :p

I found this Chéri poster completely by accident. I had seen the poster on the internet and always thought she looked wonderful in it. So my dad dropped me and my sister of at a cyber one day, which accidentally also happens to be a DVD-store. So, we go nosing around in that DVD-store just for fun and I see the poster hanging on the wall with a trillion others. Naturally I nudge my sister to show her. She insisted on asking if they had any more for sale. I thought it was nonsense, why would they sell posters? But she kept pushing and so we asked. The sales-lady said they didn’t have any new ones, but she’d sell me the one on the wall. You can’t imagine my happiness, who cares if it wasn’t brand-new? I got a Chéri poster! Went home, dug up some double-sided tape and put in on my wall. I think I kept staring at the result for quite a while :)

Someone reminded me that Michelle is an inspiration, not a distraction. I definitely put this gorgeous picture of hers on my bureau for inspiration, but when I’m doing my homework I get distracted by it sometimes :)

Guess what’s in this box? Yep, a big box full of Pfilms. Now, there’s something to do on a Friday-night! :p

My self-made poster. I made it in celebration of Michelle's 52nd birthday. It took some effort, time and money, but in the end it was all worth it! It sure brightens up my wall xD

I’m certainly planning on putting lots of other Pfeiffer-stuff in my room. Right now I’m hunting for a “Frankie & Johnny” poster to hang on my ceiling right above my bed, so it’s the first thing I see when I wake up :)


Peacexlovexhappiness said...

W...t...h!! Where did you get that clock?!?!??! I"m soo jealous!!! You better put me in that will, cuz I wanta inherit it from you!! Haha wow, I would not be able to do homework, especially the way she stares at you in that picture! I would put that picture on my night stand, so it would b like she's watching me while I sleep cuz I'm creepy like that!

Beatrice said...

I wish I can go to your house and see all of those stuff in the flesh!

Was that me? The one who reminded you that she's an inspiration, not a distraction? :-)

Beatrice said...

Oh. I'm so touched :-) Thanks ;-)

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

haha Yes,Im getting the clock!!

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

Ok, Michelle may be a distraction..She's distracting me from my essay!

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