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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I want to do my first subject-post on how I discovered my Pfandom. There’ll probably be a lot more posts about Michelle Pfeiffer after this one, so if you’re not a Pfan or if you have no interest in reading about her, you should reconsider following this blog.
I first saw her in Grease2. Such a lovely, fun movie and she was great in her first starring role. People always call me crazy when I say that I prefer Grease2 over Grease1. It was a huge flop, but that doesn’t make me like it any less. ‘Cool rider’ is of course my favorite song. The way she dances around and climbs that ladder. I was about nine when I first saw it and that girl looked so cool and confident. It’s seven years later now and I still can’t get enough of her singing and dancing around.
I remember Michelle saying once in an interview that it’s a silly movie that’s not very memorable. I really disliked hearing her bringing down her own movie. I mean, sure it’s not the movie of the era, but it’s so fun to watch!
A few years later, I think I was 14 or 15, I saw Hairspray. I was bored one day, so a couple of friends and me decided to go see a movie. There were two movies on that night. Hairspray and some drama/action that I don’t even remember the name of. All of my friends wanted to go see the drama/action, but I wanted to see the other one (Hairspray). I knew absolutely nothing about the movie and it was strictly because I didn’t feel like watching a lot of fights and blood. One of my friends tagged along with me, while the others went to see the drama/action. I expected absolutely nothing from the movie. It had a little too much singing and dancing for my taste. But when I saw Velma, something hit me. I recognized her instantly from Grease2, which I saw as a little girl. I recognized her from one of her oldest movies into her then most recent movie. There’s like 25 years between those two Pfilms and I thought that she looked more beautiful than ever. At that moment, I knew my Pfandom had begun. I started looking up info, pics and news about her on the internet. I ordered all her movies and the first one I saw (apart from Hairspray and Grease2) was Frankie and Johnny. And that one still remains my favorite. I came across Pfeiffertheface and that became my source for everything that was MP-related. Two years later, and here we are : )


Karen said...

Great blog!!!!

Beatrice said...

Yay! We both have blogs now:-)

chelsea313 said...

@ Karen: Thanks!
@Beatrice: haha I know!

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

I think we'll b great friends:
I first saw her in Grease 2
I can't believe that anyone would prefer the first over the second either lol
Cool Rider is my favorite song too
And internet searches brought meh to Pfeiffertheface too
AND I'm 15 right now (like you were when you truly became a fan)

This is amazing!!

chelsea said...

Haha, cool! Looks like we got lots in common :)

Paul S said...

I actually prefer Grease to Grease 2 sorry guys !!
But as much as I liked Olivia Newton John as Sandy she can't compare to Michelle's Stephanie Zinone.
Michelle is the ultimate Pink Lady !!

chelsea313 said...

I know you do Paul. I think I prefer Grease's story over Grease2, but when it comes to the actors (or in particular the actress)... Hmm, I think I'll do a rview on Greas2 one of these days.

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