One fine day

Monday, May 31, 2010

I was zapping channel to channel today and suddenly “One fine day” popped up. I had just seen it this week, but who cares right? I almost ran to the computer to tell you guys that a Pfilm was on, but then I remembered that we don’t live in the same country :)
So I watched Michelle’s best comedy and enjoyed it to the last part.
So this morning I felt like writing in my blog, but I had no specific subject. So while I watched “One fine day” I had an idea. I would write an review on it! So that’s what you’re going to read now:

It starts with the song with the same name. Michelle comes on screen while eating a sandwich. I remembered how I laughed the first time I ever saw Alex D. Linz hitting Michelle in the face. Speaking of Alex, he really is the cutest little boy I ever saw :)

George Clooney was great too, haha don’t you just love his code-language when he talks to his therapist? And their chemistry together was perfect. They’re so comfortable with each other, or at least they seem to be. I hope they’ll do a movie together again.

‘To me Michelle is the quintessence of beauty.’
George’s most brilliant quote ever! Funny he dated her sister, Dedee, though .

Oh, and her eye-thing that she did when she made the kids their costumes. She does that in some other movies too. It’s like a little piece of herself that she puts in the character. There’s always a little something of herself that an actress puts in her role, no matter how different the character is from herself. You can tell by her walk, her hand gestures, her facial expressions. That eye-thing is like a trademark. (Pfans, you know what I’m talking about right?)

And I certainly plan on someday going to ‘Serendipity’, the little ice-cream place Melanie took the kids to. And order a ‘frozen hot chocolate’ :p

The movie has one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard!

And I love how she jumps onto that cab! And how George’s character tells her that he thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he ever saw while her make-up is all run out.
Ok now I’m just listing things I love about the movie, hahah

Her scenes in her bra, reminded me of something that happened long ago. I once mentioned to my friends that I’m a Pfan. And one day we were discussing movies, and I said I didn’t like ‘Edward Scissorhands’, while all my friends did. So one of my friends said:
“Are you crazy? That’s a great movie!”
“Well, I don’t think so. I found the story a bit dull.”
“No way! You have no taste in movies. You only love Michellu Puh-feiffer (exactly how he pronounced it). So stupid, she has the smallest chest I’ve ever seen!
I thought about giving him a piece of my mind, but I know that that would only encourage him to continue his big talk. So I let it go (hardest thing I ever had to do, I wanted to knock him out!). That’s the last time I just blurted out that I adore Michelle Pfeiffer.
Her small chest only makes her more special. Most actresses are naturally big-breasted and if they’re not, no problem, a boob-job will make it happen. Not Michelle! No bulging boob-cracks for her. And that’s certainly a part of her class and elegance.

But back to “One fine day”. I think the thing that made this movie so great is the balance. Balance between children and adults, men and women, comedy and romance. It’s such a light story with fantastic actors.

It was so convenient that the movie really lasted one day. When they fell asleep after one passionate kiss, I sure wondered what would happen the next day. It would be so cool if there would be a sequel! Fav quotes:

“If I ever get interested in another man again, would you please shoot me?”

Jack: “I’ll agree if you say: Jack, please be my knight in shining armor.”
Melanie: “Jack, don’t be a shit-head, go rescue our kids!”

*fun fact: Michelle’s stumbling in one of the last scenes wasn’t part of the script. It was just Michelle’s clumsiness and they left it in :p


chelsea313 said...

Me too! That song is 'Love is funny that way' by Tina Arena. It's one of my faves.
Haha, I remember that eye-rolling! Classic!

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

And why are you freinds with someone who doesn't respect the P?? haha Just kidding!!

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

Ok and I have a theroey about God and Michelle Pfeiffer's boobs. I think God gave her small boobs for two reasons:
1. So nothing would distract from her beautiful face
2. She's already so perfect, the perfect legs, the perfect ass, oh and of course the perfect face ``)..well, God knew the world couldn't handle a pair of D's too!!
Alright well that's my thereoy and it makes sense to me!

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

Haha You started it and I'm already gay, so I'll keep thinking about her breasts.

chelsea313 said...

Really? I didn't know, cool! Well, I'm not so I'll stop LOL

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

Haha Yeah you shoud've stopped before "I like her small breasts." Haha Kidding!

Paul S said...

Mr Pfeiffer who is he ????
I'm planning to do a post on one of my pfavourite Pfeiffer pfilms One Fine Day on my blog some time this week, so look out for it:)

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