Monday, June 28, 2010

I’ve met a couple of people who were ex-Pfans. Yes, ex. They fell out of Pfandom over the years when her movies became less successful. I can understand their opinion. People who are a fan of her movies, not her, but just her films, would inevitably fall out of Pfandom. The last big success of Michelle’s was ‘White oleander’ in 2002 and she only had a supporting role. ‘Hairspray’ was also a success, but I don’t count it because I’m sure that a lot of people only went to see it for Zac Efron or John Travolta.

The four-year-break was a hard time for Pfans. I wasn’t a Pfan yet, so I count myself lucky (even though it looks like she’s planning a break again :( ). The movies that followed were probably below expectations. First there was ‘I could never be your woman’, a movie way below her level, which went straight to DVD. Next was ‘Hairspray’, a fun movie, but as said before Michelle only had a small role. ‘Stardust’ was next, personally not one of my favorites. I loved Michelle as the scary, hideous witch, but the story was really not my taste. Then ‘Personal effects’, which also went straight to DVD. I seriously dislike this movie so much. Michelle was ok, but certainly not at her best. I love her with all my heart, but I’m not afraid to share my true thoughts about every single performance, even when they’re not great. I mostly blame Ashton, my God, he was bad in PE! But so was the script, the lighting and the story overall (I’ll do a review on it one of these days, before this post gets too long). And last ‘Chéri’. I think this one was the best of the last five. She had the lead role, the story was appealing and her performance astonishing. But back to the point. I think what struck the ex-Pfans the most is that the wait of four(!) years wasn’t worth it. Two miniscule roles and two unsuccessful movies (not just my opinion).

I know we all say that we’ll remain Pfans forever, and we mean it. But maybe it’s a little naïve to think that. Don’t get me wrong, if anyone told me now that in 10 years I won’t be a Pfan anymore, I’d laugh my ass off. Right now it feels like I’ll always be a Pfan, but you don’t really know what will happen. Maybe the ex-Pfans thought that they’d remain Pfans forever too, but look what happened. We need a new Pfilm; the movies we already have of hers are great, but is it reasonable to think that we can live on that our whole lives? We can’t dwell on the past forever.

I love you Michelle and I mean it when I say: I always will!

The results

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The votes are in. Thank you all for your votes, I really appreciate it. Well, without further ado, here are the winners:

1. Best drama

With almost 50% of the votes, I am Sam won this award. No surprise there, it's such a beautiful movie. The runner-up was 'Love field'.

2. Best romantic movie

It's a tie! Personally my favorite and second favorite, so I'm glad it's these two :)

3. Best comedy.

This light, fun movie of Michelle's took home the price. Totally deserving of the win (see my review)

4. Best on-screen couple.

The chemistry between Michelle and these two co-stars was unbelievably genuine.

5. Most touching/heart-breaking moment.

People who didn't tear up have some serious issues. The moment when the cold, feelingless lawyer breaks of emotion, is almost too overwhelming. Michelle's speech in 'The story of us' almost made it.

6. Best singing moment.

The moment that made Michelle immortal. Her first song in the same movie "More than you know" takes second place.

7. Best kiss.

This passionate kiss between Michelle and Jeff in 'The fabulous baker boys' got almost 75% of the votes.

8. Best ending.

This ending blows me away. It's so heart-breaking..

9. Best movie-quote.
"Still wake up the same Susie"
Catwoman's quote "Meow" is runner-up

10. Best Pfilm in any category.

And yet no Oscar, grrr.

11. Worst Pfilm in any category.

I understand that some Pfans couldn't vote for this category. I was just trying to make the list complete. Well, here it is, the worst Pfilm (but a bad Pfeiffer is still a good Pfeiffer, right B? :p)

12. Sexiest moment.

No surprises here either. Almost 100% for the sexiest moment. Makin' whoopee puts Michelle in the history book of sexiest moments forever.

Well, 'The fabulous baker boys' won almost everything that they were nominated for. But the best news is: Michelle won it all! :p

Frankie and Johnny

Monday, June 21, 2010

I said to myself I wouldn’t post anything until June 25th, when the votes were in. But, I couldn’t control myself :p So here’s another review:

One of my Pfriends asked me why ‘Frankie and Johnny’ is my favorite Pfilm. It got me to thinking, I mean in theory it’s nothing like me to like that movie. I prefer drama, while F&J is a comedy. I love romances in which they don’t end up together, and in F&J they do. But still it’s the Pfilm I love the most.

It’s the first movie I specifically watched for Michelle. I saw ‘Grease2’ and ‘Hairspray’ before, but that was before I was a Pfan, by coincidence. I saw the trailer, and it looked very promising. So when I ordered my first batch of Pfilms, F&J was the first one I watched.
I know this movie is considered a romantic comedy, but I consider it more drama. There were times when I laughed, but it was the dramatic scenes that blew me away.
It started somewhat cliché, a look in the lives of the head-characters who were obviously going to end up together. But as the story progressed it got much deeper than just a cheesy romantic movie.

I have to say, I still gulp when I see Michelle crying in the bus. You can tell both characters are really broken. Frankie, a deeply unhappy woman with absolutely nothing to look forward to in life. Johnny, an ex-con, with nothing to return to. Both very realistic. That’s what drew me to the movie. The characters. They’re so real, honest, almost blunt. Frankie has good reasons to have lost her faith in men. But it’s like the tagline says: ‘You never choose love, love chooses you.

I really love Pacino’s character. He’s the exact opposite of what usually happens. Typical scene: ‘girl and boy go out, both like each other, are insecure about the other one’s feelings, they test the fields, hesitate, hold back and ultimately keep their feelings a secret.’
But this guy just says what he feels. No teasing, no hesitating, no games. If only everyone was like that. The scene at the bowling alley was genius. Telling a woman you love her after just one night together is a lot to take, but that’s what I like about it. Honesty. And Frankie’s reaction! Absolutely priceless. It played very well on Frankie’s shield around her heart. She’s certainly an interesting character too. Low-educated, disappointed in every relationship she’s had, and just very, very unhappy. It’s as if she doesn’t even want to be happy anymore. She’s completely blocked herself out.

Until the last scene of the film. That scene was heartbreaking. Michelle was so good in that final scene. Just to see all her emotions come out after 1,5 hour of a closed book. And to finally see her giving love another chance. It was definitely one of the moments that got closest to making me cry (I have this weird thing that I can’t cry at movies). The final lines were so convenient. It represented Frankie letting Johnny in; the beginning of their relationship; finally no more lies and no more games. Just the two of them.

(You’ll only get this if you’ve seen this movie.)
Frankie: “No matter what?”
Secure nod from Johnny.
Frankie: “I’m 36.”
Both smile happily.

The critics were tough on Michelle. They said she looked too beautiful to play the part of a plain woman. I find this total nonsense. I completely agree with Michelle’s comment; “pretty people have problems too.” Seriously, like having a beautiful face will guarantee happiness in your life! On the other hand, I didn’t think Michelle looked too beautiful. I mean, she could never look plain, but measures were taken to make Michelle look less pretty, they shot in different angles and unflattering light to make her look less attractive. I think it turned out fine, I found her most convincing as an ordinary woman. That really shows how talented she is. The most beautiful woman in the world yet can still handle the part of a plain woman. :)

All in all, F&J is not the most beautiful Pfilm (‘The age of innocence’ in my opinion), or the one that should’ve won Michelle an Oscar the most (‘The fabulous baker boys’). But it’s the most honest one. It didn’t show the cliché story of two people magically falling in love, being each others soul-mate and happily ever after, blablabla. What’s more, I don’t even know for sure that they would make it as a couple. But that’s life right? Taking chances and risks without knowing the result. That’s reality. ‘Frankie and Johnny.’ A story that could be happening right now, to anybody, somewhere in the world.

Favorite scene: at the flower market. That little awkward moment when Johnny tries to kiss Frankie, followed by the sweetest, romantic kiss ever. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I see it! Also, I’d kill to know what Johnny whispered to Frankie by the truck; the music was way too loud! I know it was intended that way, but I still put my ear on the TV to hear what he says :p

Favorite quote:
“Fuck you how I talk, I’ll talk any fucking way I fucking feel like. This is my fucking bowling-night and who the fuck are you to fucking spoil it by fucking telling me you love me?!”

Awards for Michelle :p

Friday, June 18, 2010

We all agree that Michelle should’ve won a dozen Oscars by now, but we can’t change the fact that her Oscar-closet is totally empty. Anyway, I decided to organize my own ‘award-show’. Only Pfilms are nominated, so she’ll go home with all the prices anyway :)

Well, I made the lists with nominees and I thought it would be nice if all Pfans could vote. Just send me an email with your votes. (e.g. 1a, 2d, 3b etc.)
Email: chelsea_313mp@hotmail.com
You can vote till June 25th.

1. Best drama.a. Personal effects.
b. Love field.
c. I am Sam.
d. Up close and personal.
e. A thousand acres.
f. Tequila sunrise.
g. To Gillian on her 37th birthday.

2. Best romantic movie.a. The age of innocence.
b. Chéri.
c. One fine day.
d. Ladyhawke.
e. Grease 2.
f. Frankie and Johnny.

3. Best comedy.a. The story of us.
b. One fine day.
c. Frankie and Johnny.
d. I could never be your woman.
e. Married to the mob.

4. Best on-screen couple.
a. Michelle and Al Pacino in ‘Frankie and Johnny’.
b. Michelle and Daniel Day-Lewis in ‘The age of innocence’.
c. Michelle and George Clooney in ‘One fine day’.
d. Michelle and Jeff Bridges in ‘The fabulous baker boys’.
e. Michelle and Michael Keaton in ‘Batman returns’.
f. Michelle and Bruce Willis in ‘The story of us’.

5. Most touching/heart-breaking moment.
a. Michelle’s break-down in ‘The deep end of the ocean’ when she can’t find her son.
b. Michelle’s outburst to Sean Penn’s character in ‘I am Sam’.
c. The ending of ‘Ladyhawke’.
d. Michelle’s speech at the end of ‘The story of us’.
e. Michelle’s talk with Al Pacino at the end of ‘Frankie and Johnny’.

6. Best singing moment.
a. “More than you know” in ‘The fabulous baker boys’.
b. “Miss Baltimore crabs” in ‘Hairspray’.
c. “Makin’ whoopee” in ‘The fabulous baker boys’.
d. “When you believe” in ‘The prince of Egypt’.
e. “Big, blonde and beautiful” in ‘Hairspray’.

7. Best kiss.
a. with Jeff Bridges in ‘The fabulous baker boys’.
b. with Al Pacino in ‘Frankie and Johnny’.
c. with Daniel Day-Lewis in ‘The age of innocence’.
d. with Michael Keaton in ‘Batman returns’.
e. with George Clooney in ‘One fine day’.
f. with John Malkovich in ‘Dangerous liaisons’.

8. Best ending.
a. The age of innocence.
b. Love field.
c. The deep end of the ocean.
d. Ladyhawke.
e. The story of us.
f. Dangerous minds.

9. Best movie-quote.
a. “Meow” (Batman returns)
b. “Fuck you how I talk, I’ll talk any fucking way I fucking feel like. This is my fucking bowling night and who the fuck are you to fucking spoil it by fucking telling me you love me!” (Frankie and Johnny)
c. “Not weird weird, but like exciting weird” (Grease 2)
d. “I’m afraid to be alone, I’m afraid not to be alone. I’m afraid of what I am, what I’m not, what I might become, what I might never become. I don’t want to stay at my job for the rest of my life, but I’m afraid to leave. And I’m just tired, you know? I’m just so tired of being afraid.” (Frankie and Johnny)
e. “If I ever get interested in another man again, would you please shoot me?” (One fine day)
f. Hard to believe sleeping in a room like that don’t change your life. But it don’t. The bed may be magic, but the mirror isn’t. You still wake up the same old Susie. “ (The fabulous baker boys)
g. “Life’s a bitch, now so am I” (Batman returns)

10. Best Pfilm in any category.
a. Batman returns.
b. The fabulous baker boys.
c. Love field.
d. The age of innocence.
e. One fine day.
f. Chéri.
g. Frankie and Johnny.

11. Worst Pfilm in any category.
a. I could never be your woman.
b. Personal effects.
c. Grease 2.
d. Up close and personal.
e. Tequila sunrise.

12. Sexiest moment.a. Susie singing “Makin’ whoopee” in ‘The fabulous baker boys’.
b. Possessed Claire in ‘What lies beneath’.
c. Catwoman’s lick in ‘Batman returns’.
d. Stephanie dancing around in ‘Grease 2’.
e. Frankie flashing Johnny in ‘Frankie and Johnny’.

My biggest dream

Pfans have their biggest dream in common: meeting Michelle Pfeiffer.
I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve daydreamed about The Moment. I’ve actually rehearsed what I was going to say in front of the mirror! :p I’ve thought of every possibility there is. One more ridiculous than the other. Here’s a few:
1. Become an actress.
2. Become best friends with Claudia.
3. Become the new face of E! news.
4.Become a new pop-star, who Claudia and John are so crazy about that Michelle will of course want to arrange a meet-and-greet :p
5. Become her hairdresser/make-up artist.
6. Get married to John (LOL!).

Haha, while writing them down, I really saw how ridiculous these are!
So I was practicing my speech, that I was going to give when I met her. But every time I thought that I had said it all, five more sentences came rolling out of my mouth. I just couldn’t stop explaining to ‘her’ why she’s so great and why I’m such a big fan:

“Oh my God! Michelle! I’m you’re biggest fan ever! I love you so much! You look so great for 52, if I look half as good when I’m 20, I’ll be so happy! I love all your movies, I own all of them and I watch them constantly. My favorite is Frankie and Johnny. When will you make another movie? I miss you so much! Are you looking at any projects right now? How are Claudia and John? And David? Oh, there is so much that I want to ask you! Which movie was your favorite to make? You know, I’m one of your truest Pfans. Did you know that there’s very few true-blooded Pfans? But their loyalty and dedication to you is unconditional. It did hurt that you didn’t even know what Pfans are, but we forgive you. You should really check out Pfeiffertheface, it’s the best fan site about you. I think it’s absolute rubbish that you haven’t won an Oscar. It’s the biggest Oscar-scandal there is. Just know that I think that you deserve one for every movie you were in! And never forget that you have a group of loyal Pfans behind you that support every move you make. We may be small in number, but our loyalty is huge! I love you Michelle, forever! You’re truly the best actress, the most beautiful woman and the sweetest girl ever!"

That was the short version.
I realized that probably one of the following things was going to happen:
1. Michelle walks away before I even get to my 3rd sentence
2. By seeing her face, I forget everything I wanted to say
3. I can’t open my mouth and just stare at her like some kind of moron.

So I decided to write a letter. It’s long, I can assure you, but at least I got my words straight. So I made a pledge to myself that I will always carry it with me when I’m in the same country as Michelle. So even if I freeze and just gaze upon her, hopefully I’ll find enough strength in my hand to pull the letter out of my purse and hand it to her.

I get so excited every time I think about The Moment. I mean, I realize that it may never happen, but hey, I'm a positive thinker! :)
With her being 52 and me being 16, I have to get in action fast. I obviously can’t wait till I’m 40! I’ll probably move to America, once I’ve finished the university. So that’s in about 5 or 6 years. Oh, so long. But maybe I’ll get to see her when I’m on vacation! I can hardly wait! Just imagine; I walk out of a store or go dine somewhere, I look up, scan the area and…. find that my biggest dream has come true.

Dangerous liaisons

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yesterday I was kind of bored. I had done all my homework, taken a nap, ate a whole jar of ice-cream, basically everything I wanted to do. And you guys know, more than anyone, that the best cure against boredom is a Pfilm. So I got to my Pfilm-box and chose ‘Dangerous liaisons’.

I remember the first time I ever watched that movie. I was young and a very ‘fresh’ Pfan. I watched it right after ‘One fine day’, which is a very light movie. Well, let me tell you, I didn’t understand any of it! Afterwards I was like ‘huh?’. Anyway, so after that one watch I put the movie away and didn’t watch it for several months. But I have this rule where I have to watch the movies I don’t understand at least one more time. So during my yearly room-cleaning, I stumble upon it in a corner (I know, so shameful, but my Pfandom was still in progress ;p). So I pick it up, put it in the DVD-player and sit back. I was a year older and my Pfandom had developed a lot, so I watched with all my attention. I expected nothing, but was totally blown away by it. Never did I think that a movie could go from ‘wha?’ to ‘WOW!’.

It’s certainly not a funny movie, or one that makes you feel good, it’s altogether a complete different kind of movie. It actually did something to me. It being a period piece, the costumes are bound to be gorgeous, the word-choice is elegant, old English, sometimes a bit difficult, but once you get to the bottom of it, so much deeper than the shallow, instant language used these days. The plot, the dialogues, the characters, all written so wonderful. A way that I’ve never seen before. All movies of Michelle’s have a special effect on me, but this one in particular. And I haven’t even talked about Michelle’s performance yet! Her vulnerability was astonishing. Someone on Pfeiffertheface said it well; she makes you want to rush in the TV and rescue her. Her eyes, so big, bold and blue, full of innocence and kindness. Something not every actress can do. Lines are just lines, but emotions, facial expressions and gestures are what truly marks an actress as worthy.

Even though I loved her as the good, vulnerable one, during the movie I couldn’t help but wonder what a wonderful job she could do as Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil. I watched Glenn Close’s cold, hard character and it reminded me a little bit of Michelle’s character in ‘White oleander’. I know they had very different reasons and grounds to be like that, but they both had that closed, untouchable quality . I really think she could do a great job with that role. Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if they were to do a remake and they’d cast Michelle as Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil? I know for a fact that I’d be first in line to see that! :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One of the few special people in my life that I’ll always remember is my Pfirst Pfriend, B.
I remember making a FB-account to meet fellow Pfans, but I never in a million years thought I’d meet such wonderful people as B, Higg and Paul. I love all my Pfriends so much, but B will always be special to me because she’s the first Pfriend I ever had. I’m a true-blooded Pfan and having someone that is as excited about a new Mpic is so cool and comforting. Someone to tell all your crazy Pfantasies to. Someone to plan all sorts of insane plots with.
I love my regular friends, but they don’t know the most important part of me; the Pfeiffer-part. People I’ve never seen before share my deepest interest and support it and I love them for that.
You can’t imagine how many times I think, almost know for a fact, that I’m the only Pfan in my country. Sure, it makes me unique, but it still gets pretty lonely sometimes. So I’m really grateful that I can communicate with the few other Pfans around the world. I know now that I’m not the last of my kind, I’m not going extinct! :p
Another reason to love Michelle; it’s because of her that we met.

B, even though we (literally) live on different parts of the world, I’ll always carry you with my Pfeiffer-love. :)
I know that this isn’t goodbye and I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I’ll just really miss our chats and all.
Michelle’s the foundation, the reason and the future of our friendship. So for as long as we are Pfans, we’ll always be friends. Pfriends unite! :)

Remember who you are; a true-hearted Pfan to the bone!
I love you and miss you very much! You're not alone and I'll always be there for you! :)
I’ll especially miss your blog, and of course your comments on mine. You and Higg are probably the only ones that read it :p

P.S. Don’t forget our date: Michelle’s birthday in NYC! :p


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Isn’t it ironic that she was a ‘virgin’ in 'Dangerous liaisons’ and a prostitute in ‘The fabulous baker boys’ and in Chéri’. ‘Dangerous liaisons’ and ‘Chéri’ also had the same director/writer.

Isn’t ironic that Kathy Bates is in both ‘Chéri’ and ‘Personal effects’ the mother of Michelle’s love interest while Michelle is only 9 years younger than Kathy?

Isn’t it ironic that Michelle’s love interests become younger while she gets older. (Paul Rudd-41, Ashton Kutcher-32, Rupert Friend-28)

Isn’t it ironic that Annette Bening owes her two movie ‘Valmont’ and ‘Bugsy’ to Michelle; who turned down both. Michelle, in her turn, owes ‘Batman returns’ to Annette’s pregnancy.

Isn’t it ironic that Michelle’s nose is crooked and her lips are lopsided, but she’s still the most beautiful woman on the planet?

Isn’t it ironic that she was 6 months pregnant with her son while filming ‘Dangerous minds’ and in that same films she talks about having had an abortion.

Isn’t it ironic that in ‘Hairspray’ she is a racist, while she has adopted a mix-raced girl.

Isn’t it ironic that in ‘Dangerous liaisons’ Michelle and Uma Thurman were supposed to be of the same age, but in reality Michelle is 12 years older than Uma.

Isn’t it ironic that she was the mother of Claire Danes in ‘To Gillian on her 37th birthday’ and she told her husband that their daughter is the most important thing, while in ‘Stardust’ she wanted nothing but kill Claire Danes and eat her heart.

Isn’t it ironic that Madonna was the first choice for ‘The fabulous baker boys’ and Michelle almost did Evita. ‘The fabulous baker boys’ turned out to be a huge success and got Michelle a Golden Globe, while Madonna got very negative critics for ‘Evita’

Isn’t it ironic that she’s supposed to be 40 in ‘I could never be your woman’, but in reality she was almost 50 while filming.

Isn’t it ironic that both Demi Moore and Susan Sarandon, two of the best actresses owe their big successes to Michelle. Susan should thank Michelle for ‘Thelma and Louise’ and ‘Lorenzo’s oil’. Demi has ‘Disclosure’ and ‘A few good men’ on her filmography thanks to Michelle, who turned them all down before the parts went to them

Isn’t it ironic that Michelle’s character in ‘Scarface’ says that she’s from Baltimore, while ‘Hairspray’ is set in that city.
Isn’t it ironic that in ‘One fine day’ Michelle’s son watches ‘The wizards of Oz’ and in reality that was Michelle’s favorite movie as a child.

Isn’t it ironic that Michelle has worked with 4 Batmans: Michael Keaton in ‘Batman returns’, Val Kilmer in ‘The prince of Egypt’, George Clooney in ‘One fine day’ and Christian Bale in ‘A midsummer night’s dream’.

Isn’t it ironic that Michelle was as good in ‘Batman returns’ as Halle Berry was bad in ‘Catwoman’.

Isn’t it ironic that Michelle said ‘Fuck’ a lot in ‘Frankie and Johnny’ and ‘Scarface’ (and also in a lot of other movies) and that happens to be Michelle’s favorite curse word.

Isn’t it ironic that Michelle only watches her movies once, while we watch them hundreds of times :)

MPic from the 6th of june

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just another day surfing the internet. I’m casually logging on to Facebook, check if there’s news on Pfeiffertheface, check my mail. I eventually get bored, because there’s no one online. So I go to Youtube, watch some videos on Michelle. Well, I’ll tell you, it takes a loooooong time before one of those videos is fully loaded (half an hour for only two minutes!). So while I’m waiting on them, I go to a couple of websites to see if there’s any MP-news/pics. I unintentionally go to some random site, and see something that almost gave me a heart attack. New MP-pics! I can’t even describe my feeling when I saw that they were made just yesterday. That’s what struck me the most; the fact that she was there only a day ago! Finally a pic that’s recently made. And she looked so great. Some would say as if not a day has gone by since Grease2, but that’s a lie, she definitely looks her age, but in a way that outranks all of her ‘young’ beauty. It’s like it’s even more refined now than when she was young. Maybe it’s just me, but I find older women much more beautiful than the twenty-somethings. I mean a beautiful woman of age like Michelle would outrank any of ‘the hot and happening’. Compare her with a ‘youngster’ like Jessica Alba. I mean sure, JA has a pretty smile and a tight bod, but Michelle has class, her life-experience has made her more beautiful. Of course it’s not like that for every woman, but it is the case with Michelle.
But anyway, back to the pic. She looked so normal, I mean so casual. Just a daytrip to a hockey game with her hubby. I love all her glamour-shots and red-carpet looks, but the pics I treasure most are the ones made without all the glitter and glamour, the ones that are made out on the street, without make-up or fancy clothes. I love those, because it shows her true beauty. Almost anyone can look pretty with hairdressers and fashion-designers behind you, but it takes a real beauty to look great without all of that. These unplanned pics proof that Michelle’s a natural beauty and that’s something that will never change!

The importance of awards for Michelle

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thanks to B's link I've found some great, short Mp-interviews. This is a little piece of one of them:

Journalist: 'What do awards mean to you? I mean, do they have some special significance to you?

MP: *big sigh* Well, that's a really complicated question. I think that it's real nice to have your work acknowledged, no matter what field you're in. I think it makes everyone feel real good.

I always wondered how important awards were to her. This is the exact response I thought she'd give. But I was still saddened. You could see how proud and happy she was with that GG standing next to her. Her face was all glowing and she was smiling. It sucks that that was the first and only time she got to hold a GG. I swear, I welled up. I got seriously struck by the Susie-syndrome.

The only thing that relieved the pain a little was that she said nominations and winning are equal to her. If that's the case then her losing that Oscar to Jessica Tandy isn't horrible, ok, it sucks less. Because if she's happy, I'm happy :)

I do hope she'll at least get nominated again. If she ever goes to work again :(

What's wrong with my generation?

Friday, June 4, 2010

These days, everyone loves ‘stars’ like Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and Jonas brothers. Well, when I say people, I mean the younger generation. It’s like they don’t appreciate fine talent. The really talented people are a little older, but how can you miss them and be fan of one of the above? It just amazes me how naïve my generation is. I’ve been told I don’t act my age when it comes to movies and music, and even my mom jokes that I was born too late, but if belonging to this generation means that I have to start listening to those Disney-stars, then to hell with that! Those ‘stars’ aren’t even famous for being talented. I mean, no one can think that Miley Cyrus is a good actress right? I mean, have you seen her series?! Another example: the Kardashian sisters: famous for their sex tapes. Paris Hilton: famous for doing absolutely nothing. Heidi Montag: famous for her enormous amount of plastic surgeries. Whatever happened to being actually famous for your talent??

Have you heard the music on the radio these days? It’s like there are only 3 subjects to sing/rap/yell about: Money, sex and drugs. It just saddens me that people actually like that crap! Whatever happened to the 70s/80s?!

And what’s up with that vampire-hype? Twilight, True blood, Vampire Diaries, and tons of vampire films. Seriously, what’s so great about it? I mean if some of these series were well made, I’d shut my mouth, but they all suck! Especially Twilight. Will someone tell me what the deal with that is? I admit, I read the book before the hype, and I quite enjoyed it. The books are far from bad, but those movies?! Bad actors, bad setting, bad script, it’s just bad, Bad, BAD! I’m sorry if I’m offending any fans that are reading this, but I really have to load it off. I remember seeing it for the first time (I was actually excited, because I liked the books) and afterwards thinking W.T.F?!

Anyway, enough about that. It’s like all the talented people are getting older and more and more Mileys are coming into showbiz. In a few decades all the Michelles, Megs and Meryls will be long gone, and we’ll be left in this world without good actors! It makes me sick in my stomach. Think about it: all the talents are much older than all the Mileys. I seriously hope there’ll be coming more good actors. And you can’t tell me that Kristin Stewart will grow up to be the new Julianne Moore, because you’re out of your mind if you believe that!

But you know what? Even though there aren’t thousands of Pfans, the ones that are, are true-hearted, dedicated Pfans forever. The fact that there are so few, only makes our Pfandom that much more special! And I wouldn’t want it any other way :)

p.s. I know that the pic is totally out of the blue and doesn't fit this post, but I like this pic so much and I refuse to put pics of those Disney-people on my blog!

p.p.s. Sorry this was such a negative post, I promise that the next one will be more positive :)
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