Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One of the few special people in my life that I’ll always remember is my Pfirst Pfriend, B.
I remember making a FB-account to meet fellow Pfans, but I never in a million years thought I’d meet such wonderful people as B, Higg and Paul. I love all my Pfriends so much, but B will always be special to me because she’s the first Pfriend I ever had. I’m a true-blooded Pfan and having someone that is as excited about a new Mpic is so cool and comforting. Someone to tell all your crazy Pfantasies to. Someone to plan all sorts of insane plots with.
I love my regular friends, but they don’t know the most important part of me; the Pfeiffer-part. People I’ve never seen before share my deepest interest and support it and I love them for that.
You can’t imagine how many times I think, almost know for a fact, that I’m the only Pfan in my country. Sure, it makes me unique, but it still gets pretty lonely sometimes. So I’m really grateful that I can communicate with the few other Pfans around the world. I know now that I’m not the last of my kind, I’m not going extinct! :p
Another reason to love Michelle; it’s because of her that we met.

B, even though we (literally) live on different parts of the world, I’ll always carry you with my Pfeiffer-love. :)
I know that this isn’t goodbye and I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I’ll just really miss our chats and all.
Michelle’s the foundation, the reason and the future of our friendship. So for as long as we are Pfans, we’ll always be friends. Pfriends unite! :)

Remember who you are; a true-hearted Pfan to the bone!
I love you and miss you very much! You're not alone and I'll always be there for you! :)
I’ll especially miss your blog, and of course your comments on mine. You and Higg are probably the only ones that read it :p

P.S. Don’t forget our date: Michelle’s birthday in NYC! :p


Beatrice said...

Oh C! I'll never ever forget you.You're just as special to me as I am to you. You're my PFIRST and BEST PFRIEND and I'm always thankful for that. Having someone who completely understands me(and lives on the side of the planet) is one of best things I have in life now. *Miss Pfeiffer, thank you for bringing us all together* I'll miss so so much:(( Thank you for all the love and support. You really are a true Pfriend.

I am sooooooooo hoping our dream date comes to reality one day :))

I read this hours before going to the university on my first day. I was nervous the morning I woke up and thanks to this lovely post of yours, I felt great the moment I saw it :)

I love you, C :*

- B

chelsea313 said...

:) We'll make sure our date happens!

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

B I love you so much, too! And you Chels!! I fell the exact same way about both of you, and all my Pfriends! You guys are my best friends! I get more excited about seeing you guys online than my regular friends!! I've never had adventures with my other friends like I have with you: the inside jokes, the Pcult, the kiddnapping plans, Shiloh. LOL. Thanks for mentioning me Chels! And I feel the exact same way about Michelle: thankfull to her for uniting her. It's amazing to me to have friends from all over the world, and you guys are so special to me, I'm glad it's you. I think it's so amazing that when we first talked, we talked for hours without even having to think about what to say. Meeting people for the first time is always awkward for me, but I was just able to talk and talk to you guys. I've only known you guys a little while, but you truly are this important to me.
I've never told my other friends this (it happeened to me before I met them) but in seventh grade I dealt with some bad depression. I got a lot better in eighth grade and I thought I was doing great this year. But ever since I met you guys, life has just been so great for me. I wake up every morning excited to talk to you guys and plan our next Padventure! I truly feel like the person I was in sixth grade, and thank you for that!
Even if we didn't have Michelle to unite us for some reason, I would still want to talk to you guys! I love you so much! ! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I feel like you're my Psisters! (Chels, please accept my family request LOL.)
♥ ♥ ♥

chelsea313 said...

Higgie! I'm happy you feel better now :)
I've accepted, didn't even know you requested.
Psisters!!! (L) <3

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

LOL. Thx, it's all thx to you guys! Love you, Psis! ♥

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