Dangerous liaisons

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yesterday I was kind of bored. I had done all my homework, taken a nap, ate a whole jar of ice-cream, basically everything I wanted to do. And you guys know, more than anyone, that the best cure against boredom is a Pfilm. So I got to my Pfilm-box and chose ‘Dangerous liaisons’.

I remember the first time I ever watched that movie. I was young and a very ‘fresh’ Pfan. I watched it right after ‘One fine day’, which is a very light movie. Well, let me tell you, I didn’t understand any of it! Afterwards I was like ‘huh?’. Anyway, so after that one watch I put the movie away and didn’t watch it for several months. But I have this rule where I have to watch the movies I don’t understand at least one more time. So during my yearly room-cleaning, I stumble upon it in a corner (I know, so shameful, but my Pfandom was still in progress ;p). So I pick it up, put it in the DVD-player and sit back. I was a year older and my Pfandom had developed a lot, so I watched with all my attention. I expected nothing, but was totally blown away by it. Never did I think that a movie could go from ‘wha?’ to ‘WOW!’.

It’s certainly not a funny movie, or one that makes you feel good, it’s altogether a complete different kind of movie. It actually did something to me. It being a period piece, the costumes are bound to be gorgeous, the word-choice is elegant, old English, sometimes a bit difficult, but once you get to the bottom of it, so much deeper than the shallow, instant language used these days. The plot, the dialogues, the characters, all written so wonderful. A way that I’ve never seen before. All movies of Michelle’s have a special effect on me, but this one in particular. And I haven’t even talked about Michelle’s performance yet! Her vulnerability was astonishing. Someone on Pfeiffertheface said it well; she makes you want to rush in the TV and rescue her. Her eyes, so big, bold and blue, full of innocence and kindness. Something not every actress can do. Lines are just lines, but emotions, facial expressions and gestures are what truly marks an actress as worthy.

Even though I loved her as the good, vulnerable one, during the movie I couldn’t help but wonder what a wonderful job she could do as Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil. I watched Glenn Close’s cold, hard character and it reminded me a little bit of Michelle’s character in ‘White oleander’. I know they had very different reasons and grounds to be like that, but they both had that closed, untouchable quality . I really think she could do a great job with that role. Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if they were to do a remake and they’d cast Michelle as Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil? I know for a fact that I’d be first in line to see that! :)


chelsea313 said...

Thanks for you support Boby! :)

ELovesMp said...

I'm so glad I've studied the book and the movie this year !! :D
Nice review I couldn't have done it better ! ;)

chelsea313 said...

Tnx Elsa!

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