Monday, June 28, 2010

I’ve met a couple of people who were ex-Pfans. Yes, ex. They fell out of Pfandom over the years when her movies became less successful. I can understand their opinion. People who are a fan of her movies, not her, but just her films, would inevitably fall out of Pfandom. The last big success of Michelle’s was ‘White oleander’ in 2002 and she only had a supporting role. ‘Hairspray’ was also a success, but I don’t count it because I’m sure that a lot of people only went to see it for Zac Efron or John Travolta.

The four-year-break was a hard time for Pfans. I wasn’t a Pfan yet, so I count myself lucky (even though it looks like she’s planning a break again :( ). The movies that followed were probably below expectations. First there was ‘I could never be your woman’, a movie way below her level, which went straight to DVD. Next was ‘Hairspray’, a fun movie, but as said before Michelle only had a small role. ‘Stardust’ was next, personally not one of my favorites. I loved Michelle as the scary, hideous witch, but the story was really not my taste. Then ‘Personal effects’, which also went straight to DVD. I seriously dislike this movie so much. Michelle was ok, but certainly not at her best. I love her with all my heart, but I’m not afraid to share my true thoughts about every single performance, even when they’re not great. I mostly blame Ashton, my God, he was bad in PE! But so was the script, the lighting and the story overall (I’ll do a review on it one of these days, before this post gets too long). And last ‘Chéri’. I think this one was the best of the last five. She had the lead role, the story was appealing and her performance astonishing. But back to the point. I think what struck the ex-Pfans the most is that the wait of four(!) years wasn’t worth it. Two miniscule roles and two unsuccessful movies (not just my opinion).

I know we all say that we’ll remain Pfans forever, and we mean it. But maybe it’s a little naïve to think that. Don’t get me wrong, if anyone told me now that in 10 years I won’t be a Pfan anymore, I’d laugh my ass off. Right now it feels like I’ll always be a Pfan, but you don’t really know what will happen. Maybe the ex-Pfans thought that they’d remain Pfans forever too, but look what happened. We need a new Pfilm; the movies we already have of hers are great, but is it reasonable to think that we can live on that our whole lives? We can’t dwell on the past forever.

I love you Michelle and I mean it when I say: I always will!


Paul S said...

Another interesting post pfan313 well done.
It's a fact of life that people and there tastes change with time so you never know what the future will hold, some people will always be pfans some wont.
I'm an "old school" Pfeiffer pfan and I've followed MP's career almost from the start so my pfandom has lasted over 20 years.In a way I'm lucky that I love her older films and I'm not that bothered what Michelle does now and in the future, her work so far is more than enough for me.
If anything I'm guilty of living in the past, I long for the days of "Pfeiffermania" in the early 90's when Michelle was top of the A list of actresses, every new pfilm was a thrill, with the box office success and award nominations that followed.
The younger pfans wont know anything about that which is sad for them,but keep the faith.Michelle's work has given pleasure to millions of pfans around the world and hopefully it will for years to come !

chelsea313 said...

Thx :)
Yes, I find that too bad. I wish I were older, so I could've lived through the hot Pfeiffer-years. *sigh* Oh well, I'm not giving up on new possible movies.

Beatrice said...

I'm with Higg. If she stops making movies(like Cheri being the VERY LAST), my Pfandom won't be affected. I guess I'm just like that, people who made a huge impact on y mlife remains forever in my heart.

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