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Monday, June 21, 2010

I said to myself I wouldn’t post anything until June 25th, when the votes were in. But, I couldn’t control myself :p So here’s another review:

One of my Pfriends asked me why ‘Frankie and Johnny’ is my favorite Pfilm. It got me to thinking, I mean in theory it’s nothing like me to like that movie. I prefer drama, while F&J is a comedy. I love romances in which they don’t end up together, and in F&J they do. But still it’s the Pfilm I love the most.

It’s the first movie I specifically watched for Michelle. I saw ‘Grease2’ and ‘Hairspray’ before, but that was before I was a Pfan, by coincidence. I saw the trailer, and it looked very promising. So when I ordered my first batch of Pfilms, F&J was the first one I watched.
I know this movie is considered a romantic comedy, but I consider it more drama. There were times when I laughed, but it was the dramatic scenes that blew me away.
It started somewhat cliché, a look in the lives of the head-characters who were obviously going to end up together. But as the story progressed it got much deeper than just a cheesy romantic movie.

I have to say, I still gulp when I see Michelle crying in the bus. You can tell both characters are really broken. Frankie, a deeply unhappy woman with absolutely nothing to look forward to in life. Johnny, an ex-con, with nothing to return to. Both very realistic. That’s what drew me to the movie. The characters. They’re so real, honest, almost blunt. Frankie has good reasons to have lost her faith in men. But it’s like the tagline says: ‘You never choose love, love chooses you.

I really love Pacino’s character. He’s the exact opposite of what usually happens. Typical scene: ‘girl and boy go out, both like each other, are insecure about the other one’s feelings, they test the fields, hesitate, hold back and ultimately keep their feelings a secret.’
But this guy just says what he feels. No teasing, no hesitating, no games. If only everyone was like that. The scene at the bowling alley was genius. Telling a woman you love her after just one night together is a lot to take, but that’s what I like about it. Honesty. And Frankie’s reaction! Absolutely priceless. It played very well on Frankie’s shield around her heart. She’s certainly an interesting character too. Low-educated, disappointed in every relationship she’s had, and just very, very unhappy. It’s as if she doesn’t even want to be happy anymore. She’s completely blocked herself out.

Until the last scene of the film. That scene was heartbreaking. Michelle was so good in that final scene. Just to see all her emotions come out after 1,5 hour of a closed book. And to finally see her giving love another chance. It was definitely one of the moments that got closest to making me cry (I have this weird thing that I can’t cry at movies). The final lines were so convenient. It represented Frankie letting Johnny in; the beginning of their relationship; finally no more lies and no more games. Just the two of them.

(You’ll only get this if you’ve seen this movie.)
Frankie: “No matter what?”
Secure nod from Johnny.
Frankie: “I’m 36.”
Both smile happily.

The critics were tough on Michelle. They said she looked too beautiful to play the part of a plain woman. I find this total nonsense. I completely agree with Michelle’s comment; “pretty people have problems too.” Seriously, like having a beautiful face will guarantee happiness in your life! On the other hand, I didn’t think Michelle looked too beautiful. I mean, she could never look plain, but measures were taken to make Michelle look less pretty, they shot in different angles and unflattering light to make her look less attractive. I think it turned out fine, I found her most convincing as an ordinary woman. That really shows how talented she is. The most beautiful woman in the world yet can still handle the part of a plain woman. :)

All in all, F&J is not the most beautiful Pfilm (‘The age of innocence’ in my opinion), or the one that should’ve won Michelle an Oscar the most (‘The fabulous baker boys’). But it’s the most honest one. It didn’t show the cliché story of two people magically falling in love, being each others soul-mate and happily ever after, blablabla. What’s more, I don’t even know for sure that they would make it as a couple. But that’s life right? Taking chances and risks without knowing the result. That’s reality. ‘Frankie and Johnny.’ A story that could be happening right now, to anybody, somewhere in the world.

Favorite scene: at the flower market. That little awkward moment when Johnny tries to kiss Frankie, followed by the sweetest, romantic kiss ever. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I see it! Also, I’d kill to know what Johnny whispered to Frankie by the truck; the music was way too loud! I know it was intended that way, but I still put my ear on the TV to hear what he says :p

Favorite quote:
“Fuck you how I talk, I’ll talk any fucking way I fucking feel like. This is my fucking bowling-night and who the fuck are you to fucking spoil it by fucking telling me you love me?!”


chelsea313 said...

Thank you so much Paul! :)

chelsea313 said...

Haha, I don't know! Darn music! :p

Samina Taimuri said...

i know he said "pardon my french" just before he kissed her.

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