The importance of awards for Michelle

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thanks to B's link I've found some great, short Mp-interviews. This is a little piece of one of them:

Journalist: 'What do awards mean to you? I mean, do they have some special significance to you?

MP: *big sigh* Well, that's a really complicated question. I think that it's real nice to have your work acknowledged, no matter what field you're in. I think it makes everyone feel real good.

I always wondered how important awards were to her. This is the exact response I thought she'd give. But I was still saddened. You could see how proud and happy she was with that GG standing next to her. Her face was all glowing and she was smiling. It sucks that that was the first and only time she got to hold a GG. I swear, I welled up. I got seriously struck by the Susie-syndrome.

The only thing that relieved the pain a little was that she said nominations and winning are equal to her. If that's the case then her losing that Oscar to Jessica Tandy isn't horrible, ok, it sucks less. Because if she's happy, I'm happy :)

I do hope she'll at least get nominated again. If she ever goes to work again :(


Beatrice said...

If there was a "like" button in here, I would have clicked it :-)

Sometimes I think that the Academy's a big joke. Ten years after that, there was another Oscar upset: Shakespeare in love winning over Saving Private Ryan. WTF!
They snubbed Michelle's performance in The Age of Innocence. Her name was also missing in the Best actress category back in 2003 for White Oleander( Too beautiful for prison, they say?!.) And lastly, I think her Rita in I am Sam deserved an Oscar nod as well, even if it's only for best supporting actress. :((

The Susie-syndrome got into you too huh, C? I already got over it but then I saw this post, so back to contemplating again. Ha,ha :)

Hmm, that interview was the one wherein she got colds right? Lol :))

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