MPic from the 6th of june

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just another day surfing the internet. I’m casually logging on to Facebook, check if there’s news on Pfeiffertheface, check my mail. I eventually get bored, because there’s no one online. So I go to Youtube, watch some videos on Michelle. Well, I’ll tell you, it takes a loooooong time before one of those videos is fully loaded (half an hour for only two minutes!). So while I’m waiting on them, I go to a couple of websites to see if there’s any MP-news/pics. I unintentionally go to some random site, and see something that almost gave me a heart attack. New MP-pics! I can’t even describe my feeling when I saw that they were made just yesterday. That’s what struck me the most; the fact that she was there only a day ago! Finally a pic that’s recently made. And she looked so great. Some would say as if not a day has gone by since Grease2, but that’s a lie, she definitely looks her age, but in a way that outranks all of her ‘young’ beauty. It’s like it’s even more refined now than when she was young. Maybe it’s just me, but I find older women much more beautiful than the twenty-somethings. I mean a beautiful woman of age like Michelle would outrank any of ‘the hot and happening’. Compare her with a ‘youngster’ like Jessica Alba. I mean sure, JA has a pretty smile and a tight bod, but Michelle has class, her life-experience has made her more beautiful. Of course it’s not like that for every woman, but it is the case with Michelle.
But anyway, back to the pic. She looked so normal, I mean so casual. Just a daytrip to a hockey game with her hubby. I love all her glamour-shots and red-carpet looks, but the pics I treasure most are the ones made without all the glitter and glamour, the ones that are made out on the street, without make-up or fancy clothes. I love those, because it shows her true beauty. Almost anyone can look pretty with hairdressers and fashion-designers behind you, but it takes a real beauty to look great without all of that. These unplanned pics proof that Michelle’s a natural beauty and that’s something that will never change!


chelsea313 said...

Which one? Oh, the second one right? haha I know.
Yes, please :))

chelsea313 said...

I know, I saw them, but B, you also posted them already on FB right?

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

NO she didn't post it on fb because I went looking for it!!

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