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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The votes are in. Thank you all for your votes, I really appreciate it. Well, without further ado, here are the winners:

1. Best drama

With almost 50% of the votes, I am Sam won this award. No surprise there, it's such a beautiful movie. The runner-up was 'Love field'.

2. Best romantic movie

It's a tie! Personally my favorite and second favorite, so I'm glad it's these two :)

3. Best comedy.

This light, fun movie of Michelle's took home the price. Totally deserving of the win (see my review)

4. Best on-screen couple.

The chemistry between Michelle and these two co-stars was unbelievably genuine.

5. Most touching/heart-breaking moment.

People who didn't tear up have some serious issues. The moment when the cold, feelingless lawyer breaks of emotion, is almost too overwhelming. Michelle's speech in 'The story of us' almost made it.

6. Best singing moment.

The moment that made Michelle immortal. Her first song in the same movie "More than you know" takes second place.

7. Best kiss.

This passionate kiss between Michelle and Jeff in 'The fabulous baker boys' got almost 75% of the votes.

8. Best ending.

This ending blows me away. It's so heart-breaking..

9. Best movie-quote.
"Still wake up the same Susie"
Catwoman's quote "Meow" is runner-up

10. Best Pfilm in any category.

And yet no Oscar, grrr.

11. Worst Pfilm in any category.

I understand that some Pfans couldn't vote for this category. I was just trying to make the list complete. Well, here it is, the worst Pfilm (but a bad Pfeiffer is still a good Pfeiffer, right B? :p)

12. Sexiest moment.

No surprises here either. Almost 100% for the sexiest moment. Makin' whoopee puts Michelle in the history book of sexiest moments forever.

Well, 'The fabulous baker boys' won almost everything that they were nominated for. But the best news is: Michelle won it all! :p


kodjo said...

"Michelle won it all! :p"

nice!!! :D

chelsea313 said...

LOL, I know, that's the greatest thing about it! :)

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

I am so proud of you for doing this (and so jealous I didn't think of it! LOL) I'm so glad some of my choices won, especially the sexiest moment!! And I'm glad G2 didn't win worst movie, how could you make that an option! How many voted for it?

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

Yeah, I knew that. And that's still too much!! That movie was amazing!! LOL Hey how come Hairspay or Scarfae weren't in any categories?

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