Monday, July 26, 2010

Chéri. The most recent Pfilm. When I became a Pfan, this movie was already in progress, but I still had to wait a very long time before finally seeing it. I did have every other Pfilm yet to watch (because I was a fresh Pfan), but as it turned out, that didn’t take so long (well with watching at least 2 per day :p). So I waited and waited for Chéri. I followed the news on foot, watched all the trailers and movie clips on Youtube hundreds of times, saw the pictures of the première in Berlin and France. Pfans on the internet would tell me how great it was, which made me even more impatient. Finally I got so tired of waiting that I downloaded it (I would later see it in the cinema). So with months of eagerness to see it behind me, I put the DVD in my DVD-player, sat back and watched.

The opening scene made me smile, because I recognized the pictures they used for young Léa. I remember that the movie was fully downloaded at 1 in the morning. I obviously refused to wait until the next morning, so I just watched it while everyone was already asleep. That’s the way I like to watch Pfilms. Alone in my room with no one to disturb.

Ordinarily there’s an older guy with a younger girl. But this movie twists that cliché around. As we all know, an older woman with a younger man is much more frowned upon than when a 60 year old guy has a relationship with a twenty-something girl. But that’s the strength of this movie; uniqueness. It sheds a light on a new chapter of forbidden love. This movie is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

The romance between Léa and Chéri happened very quickly. You didn’t get to see a lot of their relationship, and I regretted that. It wasn’t until later that I realized that it was shown implicit. It wasn’t about them acting in love, it was about their realization of how much they really loved each other.

In interviews Michelle makes it clear that she hates the term “cougar”. I agree. First of all it’s sexist; Men don’t get cross-eyed when they date someone half their age. Secondly, Léa is definitely not a cougar. She wasn’t out looking for a young man to love. In fact she wasn’t looking for a man at all. Chéri was, roughly said, just a project. Straight him out and then deliver him back. They just happened to fall in love.

Michelle’s character was really interesting. Whore or hooker aren’t words you use on Léa, even though that is in fact what she is. Prostitutes in those times were classy, elegant, almost divine. And Michelle is the perfect woman to portray these elements.
The thing that makes Léa interesting is the fact that you don’t understand her. How can you not want love? As it turns out, you can’t. Even the woman who is said never to fall in love, does.
I love how Michelle takes these interesting parts. Women that you can’t put your finger on. Like her character in ‘White oleander.’ Mysterious, unpredictable and untouchable.

Chéri starts off as a cliché kind of guy. Sleeps around, doesn’t care about anyone but himself, spoiled, but neglected only child.
And of course; Kathy Bates was pretty good as the loud, disgustingly sentimental(:p) mother.

The ending was great. I’ve always been a fan of unhappy endings, and this one was no exception. Michelle’s line ‘you found an old woman’ blew me away. The way she said it, so sincere and heartbreaking. And the final look in the mirror was a great last image. She realizes that her youth and beauty are fading, and that’s what cost her what was most precious to her.

This movie was not what I expected it to be. By the movie poster and the clips on Youtube, I concluded that it would be a light, romantic movie. But what I got was way better. It’s about
such a serious subject, but it managed to come together as a beautiful and elegant plot.

Pfirst video!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I always watch the Pfeiffer videos of other people on YouTube. I enjoy watching the work people put in the slideshows. So for a long time I just watched those tributes; until I decided to make one myself :) You’d think it’s easy to make a slideshow, but it’s definitely not an easy task.

It starts with the hardest work you could ever imagine: pick out your favorite photos of Michelle. Considering that she always looks perfect on every photo that was very hard! I got to about 100 pics (after several hours of hesitating!). So off to Windows Movie Maker. I’m an absolute disaster when it comes to computers (except for FB and Blogger of course :p). So I drag the chosen photos to the thingies in Windows Movie Maker, but then I see that the photos stays on too long, so I have to shorten it. Finally I succeed and I go to the next step. The transitions. I just randomly picked them and they looked pretty good. But then I realize that the transition shortens the length of each photo! So now they’re too short. I tried to make them longer, but for some reason it wasn’t possible. So I had to start all over again! Drag all the photos again, DON’T make them shorter, insert transitions.

So now I had the visual part finished. Time to pick a song! Luckily that wasn’t very hard. I had downloaded a song a while ago that instantly made me think of Michelle. “Beautiful as you” by Jim Brickman. So I paste that to the video in WMM. Then came the next problem! The song was only 4 minutes, while the slideshow lasted almost 7 minutes! Actually, I was lying before, now came the hard part; deleting almost half of the chosen pics! I know, it was terrible. So after a looooong time of outweighing the pics, I had as much video as music. But right at this moment, the electricity fell out! I was so close to perfection and then this! I was so angry! After almost 3 hours, we had electricity again. So I had to start all over again! Can you believe that?! *Sigh* So I repeat every single thing. I actually clicked the save-button every single minute to prevent my work from disappearing again :p But of course something had to happen again. I couldn’t upload it to YouTube. It got stuck at 70% with some lame note saying the upload had stopped due to an unknown error. Wow, it doesn’t get much vaguer than that! But I wouldn’t give up; I had to publish my Pfeiffer tribute! After 5 times of repeating the upload, it finally worked! YAY! So I rush to FB and post it on Paul’s group, go to Pfeiffertheface to leave a comment and write a post on my blog :p

Well, even though it took a lot of time, effort and stress, it was all worth it. I’m pretty proud of it :p And see, after several do-overs and disappointments, I finally succeeded. Let this be a lesson for all of you, never give up! LOL

P.s. I tried to upload it here, but surprise(!), it didn’t work. Here’s the link:
Hope you guys will check it out :)

Michelle's next move

Saturday, July 10, 2010

We all want Michelle to do another movie. But what kind? We don’t want another ‘Personal effects’ disaster. Well, in this post I’ve described my idea of the perfect future-project for Michelle.

First of all, it has to be a movie with a well-written script and a good storyline. One that accentuates Michelle’s talent. The genre can be a comedy or a drama, or a mix. I personally think she’s best in dramas. But a movie like ‘One fine day’ would be great too. I also always wanted to see an action-movie of hers. ‘Batman returns’ was great and it showed us she’s got the physical movements to do such a movie. But with her age, I don’t think directors will cast her for such a role, and even if they did, she probably won’t go for it (even though I’m sure she could pull it off).

Secondly: a good co-star. A good actor is essential. In her last three movies, all her co-stars were much younger than her. Not just in age, but also in experience. Paul Rudd, Ashton Kutcher and Rupert Friend are all (I don’t know how else to put it) below her talent. They’re not bad actors (except for Ashton, in my opinion), but they can’t cope with Michelle’s performance. And somehow that drags down her performance too (especially in PE). So, definitely someone within her level of experience and talent. Someone familiar like George Clooney or Jeff Bridges would do the trick, because they’ve already had the perfect chemistry. But I’m definitely not ruling out any new ones; Brad Pitt, Ralph Fiennes, Pierce Brosnan are all on my list :p

But I think it would be even cooler if she were to star with a female co-star. I always regret Michelle not doing ‘Thelma and Louise’ with Jodie Foster. I know for sure that they would be great together. Next to Jodie, I’d like Meryl Streep, Meg Ryan and/or Julianne Moore to co-star with Michelle.

She should (obviously) have the lead. I mean, ‘Hairspray’ was fun, but her part contained like 15% of the whole movie. Her character can be anyone; she’ll do a great job anyway. But I’d really like a mysterious character like in ‘White oleander’. I’ve always wanted Michelle to play the femme fatale. Michelle’s Catwoman was somewhat the bad girl, but I’d like to see her play someone who’s subtly evil. She has the right characteristics; her cold, gazing look is perfect. I’d like to see her get into a meaty role like Demi Moore’s character in ‘Disclosure’.

I also think it’s very important that her next movie is a challenge to her. The biggest problem with ‘I could never be your woman’ is that it was below her level. If it were a different actress, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of my mouth; in fact I might actually enjoy the movie. But the idea of Michelle performing below her enormous talent ruined it all for me. I’d rather she’d do something challenging & unexpected, even if she doesn’t totally succeed.

Finally, I’d love her to sing again. Her songs in ‘The fabulous baker boys’, ‘Grease 2’ and ‘Hairspray’ were great, and I just can’t get enough of her voice :)

Finally, my own exemplar! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I’ve been looking for this from the day the Instyle July issue came out, which had Michelle on the cover. I’ve looked in every shop that sells magazines, but in my country they rarely sell these kinds of magazines.
I had read the article on internet; I saved the pictures and everything. But it’s not the same as the actual magazine. I couldn't find it anywhere, so finally I gave up hope (after a year).
But today my sister called me and said she had a surprise for me. I knew it had to be something good; and it was! Finally my very own exemplar of the Instyle July issue with Michelle on the cover :) YAY!

Oh, how I love my sister. She’s always been very thoughtful when it comes to Michelle. She got me my MP-clock for Christmas. And now the magazine! Unbelievable that she got it from the girl next door! Can you believe that?!
I know the magazine is old news, but hey, anything Michelle is great!
I immediately read it thrice LOL. I love the pictures so much and they’re much sharper than on the internet. Tonight, I’m going to remove the pics from the magazine and paste them on my wall.
This vacation, I’m going to America, so I’ll make sure to put notes in supermarkets and go to flea markets to own other (ancient) magazines in which Michelle appeared.
I found this quote hilarious: “If I could go unrecognized for one day I’d go to the beach and be completely free. And I would wear a bikini and not worry that I was going to be in a magazine with an arrow pointing at my cellulite!”
Hahaha, it’s so Michelle to be so blunt.

I also love her quote: “I want to make the time I have count. I want the quality of my life to be the best it can be.”
She talks about how she realizes that she gets older, and that she doesn’t have all the time in the world anymore. I find it understandable that she wants to spend a lot of time with her family. Once she does another movie, it’s not just the filming that takes a lot of time. After the filming set is closed, there are premieres, promotional interviews and press to keep you occupied.
Don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but I don’t think we can expect news about a new project tomorrow...

Greedy for Michelle

Friday, July 2, 2010

I love my friends very much and I’m usually not a greedy person, but when it comes to Michelle…

A while ago, I told one of my friends that I’m a fan of Michelle’s. He immediately wanted to know things about her and see her movies and stuff. If you think rationally, you can conclude that I was happy to find a possible Pfan in the making. But -and I don’t know why- I was annoyed. I told him the truth about how I felt, but he didn’t understand. I don’t blame him; I don’t even understand myself.For a long time my Pfandom was mine, only mine. But once I let it get out there and other people started to show interest, I was… well, displeased. I felt like I had to share her, like it wouldn’t be special anymore when more people in my group of friend would fall into Pfandom.

With existing Pfans it’s different. It feels great to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions on Pfeiffer-stuff. As a Pfan there’s nothing better than to feel gotten by other Pfans about how great Michelle is; to share your Pfandom with other Pfans around the world.
But for some reason I don’t like people in my every day life to know about her. Oh gosh, this sounds so weird, I can’t really explain.
It’s something that’s mine. Like there are two different sides of my life. The normal, everyday life and my (virtual) Pfeiffer-life. And I’d like to keep those two separated.

Pfandom is not something to shout of the roofs. It is something to be proud of, trust me, my Pfandom is one of the things I’m proud of most in my life, but it’s something that happens inside of me. I just know that people (other than Pfans) wouldn’t understand, I don’t blame them, it’s not really understandable if you’re not in it.
Here, in my blog, I can say anything I want, because fellow Pfans are the only ones who read it. That’s what my blog is: about Michelle, by a Pfan, for Pfans.
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