Finally, my own exemplar! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I’ve been looking for this from the day the Instyle July issue came out, which had Michelle on the cover. I’ve looked in every shop that sells magazines, but in my country they rarely sell these kinds of magazines.
I had read the article on internet; I saved the pictures and everything. But it’s not the same as the actual magazine. I couldn't find it anywhere, so finally I gave up hope (after a year).
But today my sister called me and said she had a surprise for me. I knew it had to be something good; and it was! Finally my very own exemplar of the Instyle July issue with Michelle on the cover :) YAY!

Oh, how I love my sister. She’s always been very thoughtful when it comes to Michelle. She got me my MP-clock for Christmas. And now the magazine! Unbelievable that she got it from the girl next door! Can you believe that?!
I know the magazine is old news, but hey, anything Michelle is great!
I immediately read it thrice LOL. I love the pictures so much and they’re much sharper than on the internet. Tonight, I’m going to remove the pics from the magazine and paste them on my wall.
This vacation, I’m going to America, so I’ll make sure to put notes in supermarkets and go to flea markets to own other (ancient) magazines in which Michelle appeared.
I found this quote hilarious: “If I could go unrecognized for one day I’d go to the beach and be completely free. And I would wear a bikini and not worry that I was going to be in a magazine with an arrow pointing at my cellulite!”
Hahaha, it’s so Michelle to be so blunt.

I also love her quote: “I want to make the time I have count. I want the quality of my life to be the best it can be.”
She talks about how she realizes that she gets older, and that she doesn’t have all the time in the world anymore. I find it understandable that she wants to spend a lot of time with her family. Once she does another movie, it’s not just the filming that takes a lot of time. After the filming set is closed, there are premieres, promotional interviews and press to keep you occupied.
Don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but I don’t think we can expect news about a new project tomorrow...


Paul S said...

Nice work Chelsea, your story brought a smile to my face.
Just think how lucky us pfans are to have access to the internet. In the early days of MP's career magazines and newspapers were the only way to find any news of Michelle so really we're spoiled nowadys.
Keep up the good work.

ELovesMp said...

I like that article very much ! I'm happy u have your own copy :D
It reminds me when I was looking for the august 2006 examplar : I was on holidays at that time and everytime I was visiting a new city I was looking for it at each corner.
And when my hope was almost gone I finally found it in a very small village, I think I sort of screamed when I saw the cover, I recognized it immediatly even though it was in the middle of many other American magazines, I never thought I would find it in such a small place cuz it's the same in my country we can hardly find American magazines (which is a shame!).
This is one of the greatest souvenir I got :)

chelsea313 said...

@Paul: Thx :) I guess us young Pfans are a little spoiled LOL
@ Els: Haha, they're hidden sometimes in very unexpected places. Mine was like one house away from me ^-^
I'll make sure to check small places when I go to America this year :p

kodjo said...


What countries are you guys from? Thought you all were americans.
I'm from Belgium.

nice article btw :)

chelsea313 said...

No, I'm from Surinam, South America. Originally I'm from the netherland though, so we're like neighbors :p
Elsa is from France; Europe also
And Paul aka Mr_Pfeifer is from... hey, where are you from Paul?

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