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Saturday, July 10, 2010

We all want Michelle to do another movie. But what kind? We don’t want another ‘Personal effects’ disaster. Well, in this post I’ve described my idea of the perfect future-project for Michelle.

First of all, it has to be a movie with a well-written script and a good storyline. One that accentuates Michelle’s talent. The genre can be a comedy or a drama, or a mix. I personally think she’s best in dramas. But a movie like ‘One fine day’ would be great too. I also always wanted to see an action-movie of hers. ‘Batman returns’ was great and it showed us she’s got the physical movements to do such a movie. But with her age, I don’t think directors will cast her for such a role, and even if they did, she probably won’t go for it (even though I’m sure she could pull it off).

Secondly: a good co-star. A good actor is essential. In her last three movies, all her co-stars were much younger than her. Not just in age, but also in experience. Paul Rudd, Ashton Kutcher and Rupert Friend are all (I don’t know how else to put it) below her talent. They’re not bad actors (except for Ashton, in my opinion), but they can’t cope with Michelle’s performance. And somehow that drags down her performance too (especially in PE). So, definitely someone within her level of experience and talent. Someone familiar like George Clooney or Jeff Bridges would do the trick, because they’ve already had the perfect chemistry. But I’m definitely not ruling out any new ones; Brad Pitt, Ralph Fiennes, Pierce Brosnan are all on my list :p

But I think it would be even cooler if she were to star with a female co-star. I always regret Michelle not doing ‘Thelma and Louise’ with Jodie Foster. I know for sure that they would be great together. Next to Jodie, I’d like Meryl Streep, Meg Ryan and/or Julianne Moore to co-star with Michelle.

She should (obviously) have the lead. I mean, ‘Hairspray’ was fun, but her part contained like 15% of the whole movie. Her character can be anyone; she’ll do a great job anyway. But I’d really like a mysterious character like in ‘White oleander’. I’ve always wanted Michelle to play the femme fatale. Michelle’s Catwoman was somewhat the bad girl, but I’d like to see her play someone who’s subtly evil. She has the right characteristics; her cold, gazing look is perfect. I’d like to see her get into a meaty role like Demi Moore’s character in ‘Disclosure’.

I also think it’s very important that her next movie is a challenge to her. The biggest problem with ‘I could never be your woman’ is that it was below her level. If it were a different actress, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of my mouth; in fact I might actually enjoy the movie. But the idea of Michelle performing below her enormous talent ruined it all for me. I’d rather she’d do something challenging & unexpected, even if she doesn’t totally succeed.

Finally, I’d love her to sing again. Her songs in ‘The fabulous baker boys’, ‘Grease 2’ and ‘Hairspray’ were great, and I just can’t get enough of her voice :)


Boby said...

She totally needs a charismatic partner. Pierce Brosnan would be great, I guess. Another opinion poll maybe.... :D

Paul S said...

Pierce Brosnan would be a good choice as well as Al Pacino and Robert Deniro and I definately like the idea of Michelle and Meryl Streep as co-stars whatever the genre.

chelsea313 said...

Oh yeah, totally forgot about Al. And you know what they say; third time's a charm (but then again, so were the first and second time :p)
I'll squeeze in a poll, Boby :)

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