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Monday, July 19, 2010

I always watch the Pfeiffer videos of other people on YouTube. I enjoy watching the work people put in the slideshows. So for a long time I just watched those tributes; until I decided to make one myself :) You’d think it’s easy to make a slideshow, but it’s definitely not an easy task.

It starts with the hardest work you could ever imagine: pick out your favorite photos of Michelle. Considering that she always looks perfect on every photo that was very hard! I got to about 100 pics (after several hours of hesitating!). So off to Windows Movie Maker. I’m an absolute disaster when it comes to computers (except for FB and Blogger of course :p). So I drag the chosen photos to the thingies in Windows Movie Maker, but then I see that the photos stays on too long, so I have to shorten it. Finally I succeed and I go to the next step. The transitions. I just randomly picked them and they looked pretty good. But then I realize that the transition shortens the length of each photo! So now they’re too short. I tried to make them longer, but for some reason it wasn’t possible. So I had to start all over again! Drag all the photos again, DON’T make them shorter, insert transitions.

So now I had the visual part finished. Time to pick a song! Luckily that wasn’t very hard. I had downloaded a song a while ago that instantly made me think of Michelle. “Beautiful as you” by Jim Brickman. So I paste that to the video in WMM. Then came the next problem! The song was only 4 minutes, while the slideshow lasted almost 7 minutes! Actually, I was lying before, now came the hard part; deleting almost half of the chosen pics! I know, it was terrible. So after a looooong time of outweighing the pics, I had as much video as music. But right at this moment, the electricity fell out! I was so close to perfection and then this! I was so angry! After almost 3 hours, we had electricity again. So I had to start all over again! Can you believe that?! *Sigh* So I repeat every single thing. I actually clicked the save-button every single minute to prevent my work from disappearing again :p But of course something had to happen again. I couldn’t upload it to YouTube. It got stuck at 70% with some lame note saying the upload had stopped due to an unknown error. Wow, it doesn’t get much vaguer than that! But I wouldn’t give up; I had to publish my Pfeiffer tribute! After 5 times of repeating the upload, it finally worked! YAY! So I rush to FB and post it on Paul’s group, go to Pfeiffertheface to leave a comment and write a post on my blog :p

Well, even though it took a lot of time, effort and stress, it was all worth it. I’m pretty proud of it :p And see, after several do-overs and disappointments, I finally succeeded. Let this be a lesson for all of you, never give up! LOL

P.s. I tried to upload it here, but surprise(!), it didn’t work. Here’s the link:
Hope you guys will check it out :)


Paul S said...

It certainly sounds like a lot of hard work but the end result was definately worth it.Well done and thanks for sharing it with the rest of us pfans.

chelsea313 said...

Thank you Paul :D

Wow, that sounds like hell. Well, luckily the computers have gone much lighter these days :)
Thx Boby!

kodjo said...

nice work! love the pictures you selected!

The music wasn't really my thing though :)
I wonder what music Michelle listens to...

chelsea313 said...

That's ok Kodjo, thx for being honest :)
Well, I do know she likes Elton John. And one of my Pfriends saw her once at a Celine Dion concert.

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