Few in number, big in loyalty!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We all know Pfans aren’t common. We’re a very selected group of people divided in different parts of the world. I’m not talking about people who like her in a movie or two; I’m talking about the real deal Pfans to the bone. The people who spend their time writing Pfeiffer-blogs, surfing Pfeiffer-websites and discuss all sorts of Pfeiffer-stuff with other Pfans. But why is it that so few people are Pfans? I mean, Michelle’s an A-class actress, there’s no question about that. But still, most people prefer Meryl, Angelina or Sandra.

Ok, obviously, it has to do with the quantity and quality of her work. She hasn’t worked in a while and even her most recent films weren’t big successes. I’m sure that has cost her some fans. But that’s the difference between someone who likes her and a true Pfan.

People love a humanitarian. Someone who donates money to charities, attends galas for nature causes; those sorts of things. It’s safe to say that Michelle hates the spotlight. Remember her quote: “I act for free, but I demand a huge salary for being a public personality.” If you want to gain star-status, you should go to the right parties, attend important events, and so on. But Michelle doesn’t want to be a public personality. This explains why we haven’t seen her in so long. I’m not saying she is doing this on purpose to minimize her fan base, but it’s an inevitable outcome.

But one thing she’s forgetting. With a big fan base, comes big success. Don’t you think Chéri would’ve been much more appreciated if Meryl Streep had starred in it? I guarantee she’d get an Oscar nomination, probably even win. I’m not saying that she could do it better than Michelle, I mean, come on! It’s just that Meryl is a generally more respected actress. Besides, no offense, but it’s like a rule that all her movies have to be nominated or something!
It’s so disgraceful that Sandra Bullock won for ‘The blind side’. Ok, the movie wasn’t horrible, but really, each of the other nominees deserved it more. But that’s Hollywood. Sandra is America’s sweetheart and the Academy plays on that. Michelle’s hugely underrated and that’s such a shame. But the blame really is on her dislike of publicity. If she would do something about her publicity, she could be huge. But that brings us back to the beginning; Michelle doesn’t like publicity! And that equals few Pfans.

But I don’t mind Pfans being so few in number. Their dedication and loyalty are infinite!


Beth said...

I don't get it either! All my friends all love Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber(puke), its insane!! they cannot sing NOR act. and Michelle can do both far better than both combined :P

I was lucky enough to go to the Tim Burton exhibition where they had the original catwoman costume (!!!!!!) and i was actually feeling faint with excitement(as u can imagine im sure :P) and i was hovering around the glass case it was kept in. And about 5 people came up and were muttering about it, trying to remember who played catwoman. I couldn't help myself so i told them :P. I actually heard someone say that it was Nicole Kidman, and i HAD to correct them lol.
But even people who were around when she was more well known should appreciate her more, and at the least remember that she played catwoman!

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

I think it's worth the small amount of Pfans though. I mean, I doubt all the Bieber and Miley fans in the world are as close as we are. It's nice that even though she deserves all the fans in the world (obviously!), we're all so close.

Pfeiffer's long lost twin said...

I'd like to get to know all of you 'cause it's so hard to share my obsession with other people who don't understand and don't appreciate our Michelle! *sigh* I like her privacy, it's what makes her so enthralling, but I wish she would be as appreciated as Meryl or Sandra even if she's not parading around the paparazzis all day long. And don't even get me started about the Oscar snubs.

chelsea313 said...

Hey Pfeiffer's long lost twin (don't even know your real name). If you want to get in contact with us; we're all on facebook. Just look for the group 'Pfabulous Pfeiffer'.

PfeifferLover said...

ilove this chels ! i really do like this MP really do deserve to be appreciated ..but i think critics are so blind nowadays ! i hope MP will be soon reign and get some awards !! she really deserve it excuse me she's THE LIVING LEGEND !!

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