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Monday, August 2, 2010

Not too long ago, when someone asked me my top5 favorite actresses, my response was: ‘One; Michelle Pfeiffer, two; uuuhhhm….’. Well, now I have a two; Angelina Jolie.

I’ve always kind of liked Angelina Jolie, but never so much that I watched movies just because she’s in it. Lately though, I’ve become fond of her and her movies.
First of all she has a very wide range. Her characters are all so different. People see her as the typical lead in action movies, which she is on some level. But her roles in “The changeling”, “Girl, interrupted” and “Life or something like it” were every bit as good as “Wanted”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and “Salt”. Secondly, I like her attitude towards the media. She has no agent or anything and she’s very open in interviews. I find her honesty about being bisexual pretty cool. She definitely appreciates her fans. She once signed autographs for an hour! Also, I like her approach in roles. It takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to do the kind of sex scenes she has done. She’s shameless and daring. Lastly, she’s a great humanitarian. Donates millions to good causes, she’s even a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. And she’s simply a beautiful woman.

But let me make something very clear (Higg, read carefully :p). No one, I repeat, no one could ever replace Michelle as my number one. She will always be my favorite actress, forever.

The difference between my fandom for Michelle and my liking towards Angelina is in the opposition. Michelle and Angelina differ like water and fire. When you look at Michelle you see grace, when you look at Angelina you see sex. Angelina appears naked in a lot of her movies, Michelle got uncomfortable in “Tequila sunrise” when only her behind was shown.
They could never change movies. Can you imagine Angelina in “Dangerous liaisons”? or Michelle in “Original sin”? I can’t. They have one thing in common though. They’re both beautiful, extraordinary actresses who are not afraid of a risky choice in movies.

Let’s face it; Michelle has kind of passed her smoking years (90s) and she’s barely working. I don’t think we can expect a lot more Pfilms. Angelina, on the other hand, is now in her golden period and is constantly making movies. So with Michelle slowing down, I found (though small) a consolation in Angie.

I think it’s OK for Pfans to like other actors. As long as they remember who’s on top!


Peacexlovexhappiness said...!!!!
"Higg read carefully" Hahahahhaa!!!! To be honest, even if you were insulted, I technically got my own blog post on your WONDERFUL blog!!!! :D I get it, I get it. But to be honest I had trouble reading it. The Michelle pic was really distracting. :)

chelsea313 said...

Haha yes, that's the risk of putting these pics up here. Fine, I'll stop bothering you. Just as long as you get it! :p

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

I get it. And I pinky promised!!! You don't break those!!

Peacexlovexhappiness said...

Thank you!!!

chelsea313 said...

I know, pinky promise!

PfeifferLover said...

love this chelsea ! well done honey ! LOL i laugh out in this HIGG READ CAREFULLY ! hahah its true chels wen u see angie u see SEX ! absolutely right .. but MP is still the best and nevr be replaced !! I ALREADY HAVE HER NAME HERE IN MY HEART :) i really love this blog of ur's chels!

chelsea313 said...

Thx Psisters! X

Pfeiffer's long lost twin said...

Oh, an BTW, I love your blogs. And you're right, no one comes close to Michelle. I don't like Angelina, so my consolation is Catherine Zeta-Jones, although the difference between her talent and Michelle's are WORLDS apart. :D

chelsea313 said...

Oh my God! You're right! That sux! I can't believe I never knew this! And why haven't they replaced it? I mean someone must've noticed. So weird

Beth said...

Hello! I love your blog!! I can't believe they spelt her name wrong! What a kick in the guts... Sometimes my name is mispelt 'bath'. Imagine getting your name spelt wrong on a hollywood star....
I totally agree with you with this, my number 2 would probly be Idina Menzel(she played Elphaba from Wicked) But she comes no where close to Michelle Pfeiffer :)

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