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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I went over the songs on my Ipod the other day and suddenly saw 'When you believe'. I listen to 'Cool rider' and 'Miss Baltimore crabs' all the time, but I'd completely forgotten about that one. So I push the play button and start listening. First there's a lot of Sally Dworsky, but then the second verse starts and with it Michelle's part. It's been almost a year since I've heard it, so I kind of forgot what it sounded like. But the moment I heard Michelle's voice, I went completely silent. I just stared out the window (I was in the car) and listened so intensely that I could hear the echo in the studio. Her voice sounded so beautiful that I got actual goose bumps. So high and feminine, yet strong and present.
I always knew she had a great singing voice, but this song just mesmerized me. Haha, that's the effect she has on me :)

And you know what's so great about her voice? The way she lets the personality of the character come through it. Think about it, in 'Hairspray' she sings in a raspy, exaggerated tone, while in 'The fabulous Baker boys' she uses her low, seductive singing voice. If that doesn't mark a great actress, what does?
I just know for a fact that if acting wasn't in the stars for Michelle Pfeiffer, she'd make one heck of a singer!

Favorite singing moments:

1. Makin' whoopee.
2. Cool Rider.
3. More than you know.
4. When you believe.
5. Miss Baltimore crabs/Big, blonde and beautiful.


Paul S said...

I've got to admit that I've only ever seen Hairspray once so I'll have to watch it again before I can comment.
I totally agree with you about her singing in TFBB though and the way she lets Susie's character and her moods come through in her voice. Michelle does that superbly in the scene where she sings Feelings just before she leaves the Boys, her emotions are there for everyone to hear and it's quite a moving scene.
On the other extreme I always laugh when Susie drops her lyric cards on stage at their first gig and Jack and Frank Baker try and start the song 10 cents a dance, that was a classic !!

chelsea313 said...

Haha I know! The lyrics make that moment hilarious!
Only once? Wow, I've seen it millions of times LOL. ALthougfh I gotta admit that sometimes I just watch the Michelle parts :p

PfeifferLover said...

haha me too Chels I move the movie because i cant wait for the Mp seens i really use to do it! :P

Beatrice said...

When I want to be alone, I just grab my ipod and listen to her songs. and when i start hearing her voice, I don't feel so gloomy anymore!

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