Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey guys! I’m back home and even though I had agreat time, I can't wait to write another article.
So I went on vacation to America, Columbia and Aruba. Naturally I was excited as hell to go. What made me a little extra excited was the fact that I now could go on Pfeiffer-hunt in other countries. So, without further ado (:p), here are my found Pfeiffer-treasures:

First of all, you should know that they don’t sell original DVDs in my country. It’s either a copy of the original or just a version filmed in a cinema or something. Real DVDs in Surinam are about as rare as pirate DVDs in America. I have seen all Pfilms by downloading or buying the copy DVDs. But obviously I want all Pfilms in original; even if it’s just to have them. So I arrive in America, expecting to find loads of Pfeiffer DVDs coming my way. Well, that totally backfired. I mean you’d think they’d have all of them in the USA, I mean they were made there and everything! So anyway, I was on my fifth day in America and hadn’t found anything Pfeiffer! I was pretty pissed off.

The sixth day though, I went to Wall Mart for some grocery shopping. I saw a DVD section and I literally ran to that corner! I rushed my eyes over the stand so quickly I almost tripped (LOL). Then my eyes came to a sudden stop. My first found Pfeiffer treasure; Batman returns. I can’t even describe my joy. Ironically, it was on sale for 50%! Pure luck.

Finally, I gained hope again. Over the next couple of days I kept walking in and out of DVD, CD and book stores. On almost my 15th day, I walked into another one of those DVD stores. Pretty skeptical due to the lack of Pstuff, I walk through the stands. And then BOOM! All these Pfilms staring at me! I grabbed every single one of them and checked every section twice. I walked around with this stash of DVDs and a huge grin; people were looking at me thinking ‘what a freak’! LOL. On my way to the counter I walked past the soundtrack section and found ‘Grease2’ and ‘I am Sam’. So that day I went home broke, but content :)

I kept looking for good book stores though. The only ones I found were these annoyingly post-modern ‘teenage’ shops with nothing but ‘Twilight’ on the stands. So one day we went to the supermarket and I spot this relatively big book store next to it. I rush in and start looking around. So then I walk by this stand with all these dusty, neglected, -nobody-wants to read-‘em- books. I look up and down the stands, and suddenly let out a very strange, high-pitched shriek. It was a total unintentional sound and I’ll tell you, it was weird; people were looking at me as if I was a mental patient. Anyway, what made me shriek:

Isn’t it great! Any Pfan collector’s item. Can you believe it was on a huge sale for less than $10! At the same book store, I also got these two:

So now I had some Pstuff, but let’s get real, you can never have too much of it! So I kept hunting for more. One day we were just driving through the neighborhood without a particular destination. We saw this little mall-ish thing somewhere along the road and we decided to stop by. There was this one guy selling books, DVDs and CDs, so naturally I take a look. My parents were in a hurry, so I couldn’t really look thoroughly. Then on our way out we saw this $1 dollar store and my sister wanted to take a look, and so we did. But I had this nagging feeling that I should go back to the store with the DVDs. I can’t explain it, but it was some kind of instinct that told me to go back there. Or as I’d like to call it; Pfeiffer-instinct :p So I went back to nose some more. There was this one corner where this pile of all sorts of old, dusty books lay. It was all very unorganized, but I took the effort to go through them, because you never know right? And yep, my effort paid off. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her face on one of those books:

By then I was suddenly pumped with energy, going through the whole stash of books and searching through the huge collection of DVDs and CDs. I think I’ve spent more than almost two hours there, just carefully screening every inch of that place. The time I spend paid off and I found 4 more Pfeiffer-treasures:

So America didn’t have thát much Pfeiffer stuff, but in Columbia and Aruba I found absolutely nothing. Of course that got me mad, but what are you gonna do about it? I’m just glad I found some Pfeiffer-treasures. Cannot wait to go on vacation in other countries, even if it’s just for the Pfeiffer-hunt :p

Oh, almost forgot. Look what I got from a friend, for my birthday:

Sweet right?! Want to wear it every day! LOL


Paul S said...

Welcome Back !!
I'm glad you had a great vacation although I'm suprised to hear how hard it was to find Michelle Pfeiffer pstuff in the U.S.A.
Still I'm glad you did find those books and DVD's and I'm sure the fact they were so rare makes them even more precious to you !

PfeifferLover said...

Welcome Home sweetie!Im so happy u finally got back with all these p-stuffs!Imiss you!!ur such a great person Chels i have no words BUT a BIG WOW!i thinked i ahve a goosebumps ryt der in the F&J t-shirt!by the way I blessed and hope u a blessing the days for ur comeback Ilove you Muaahhh!

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