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Monday, October 18, 2010

One of the last Pfilms I saw. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I did not like it. I know, I know, totally crazy right? Just let me explain.

I started watching this movie with high hopes, but was dissapointed while watching. Here's why:
First thing I didn't like was that Michelle's character, Sally, was nicknamed 'Tally' by her boyfriend. I just felt it was totally misleading and rather fake. I mean, what kind of boyfriend just changes your name for you?

But after about a year, I saw it on tv again. I decided I owed it to Michelle to watch it again. And so I did. I went into my room and put the DVD on, so I could watch from the beginning. This time, the name thing had a totally different meaning. It wasn't about changing her as a person, it was about comforting her and helping her adjust. I really felt so stupid for my misunderstanding.
Another thing I completely misunderstood was the scene where Sally's trapped inside a prison. Robert Redford's character seemed so totally careless about Sally's well-being while giving her pointers on the news piece. But as I watched it for the second time, I finally understood that her was empowering her strength by pushing her, rather than strengthen her fear by a panic attack.
It's crazy how much a movie can change when you watch it for the second time. I mean the first time I was really dissapointed, but the second (and third, and fourth, and....) I was struck by the greatness of the movie.

Oh, and I just love the soundtrack; 'Because you loved me' is such a brilliant song. And it fits the movie perfectly. I love that little intimate moment as they kiss for the very first time. It's so sweet and tender. Normally, I'm not a big fan of romantic moments, but it was inevitable to love that one!

And the ending... It's probably one of my favorite endings of all Pfilms.
Just as it all seems too good to be true, it all falls down. ..And I loved it. I mean, it's heartbreaking, but it's so much more astonishing than "happily ever after". And Michelle's performance is superb in those final scenes. When she see her husband's boots on the news before breaking down in these soul ripping, little sobs, you just can't help but feel complete empathy.
But for me, the real touching moment is the very last scene. It's really amazing how much Michelle Pfeiffer can do with her eyes. When she sees her husband's picture on the screen as she's about to walk on stage, there's nothing but deep love and admiration in her eyes. And at the end of her moving speech, as she says 'my husband told me that, not so long ago', her expression says it all, though indiscribable.


Paul S said...

Excellent post as always pfan313.
Even though I've got Up Close And Personal in my DVD collection it's not a film that I watch very often, but after reading this post I'll definitely be having another look at it.
Up Close And Personal always reminds me of the Nicole Kidman film To Die For, where Nicole plays a psycho who'll do anything to be a newsreader.
On the few times I've watched UC&P I always expect Nicole's character Suzanne Stone to appear and try and do some harm to Tally Atwater.....or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.
Keep up the good work! P xx

chelsea313 said...

Thanks Paul!
Never saw that movie, but I will :)

Beatrice said...

for the longest time, I haven't visited your blog. *so sorry*

As per usual, C, another great post. I'm telling you, you should really take up journalism in college. :))

One thing I wouldn't forget about this movie is this quote: "Every Day we Have, is One More Than We Deserve" which btw, is true.

chelsea313 said...

Thnks Biancs&Bea :)
Have fun Paul!

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