Michelle and David; happy anniversary!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Once upon a time two people were set up on a blind date. It somehow turned into a group event and they ended up barely talking to each other. But they saw something in each other and decided to go on a one-on-one date. They went to see 'Dracula' and started to fall in love.
But she had a little secret. Two weeks earlier she had entered proceedings to adopt a baby girl, before ever meeting him. Not to worry though; she knew this wasn't just a fling. She knew this man was for real. So one day, lying in bed together, she drops it on him. He took it well and they decided that this was it. They would start a family together.

The last preperations were made and on march 1993, their first child arrived. The invitation read: November 13th: christening of Claudia Rose Kelley. But then followed an unexpected surprise. They called everyone up a day before telling them that it was besides a christening, also a wedding. "Come if you can", they said. The people who did, witnessed the exchanged vows between Michelle Marie Pfeiffer and David Edward Kelley.
It's been exactly 17 years since this day. 17 years since they promised each other forever and said "I do".

Congrats to Michelle and David! May your marital success last forever..


Beatrice said...

Chels! They were married on the year of our birth. 1993. How cool! We're the same age as their marriage :D

Paul S said...

Joyeux anniversaire la belle Michelle!

chelsea313 said...

I know! They were also married on the same year my parents did. LOL

kodjo said...


Did you know that the release date of Coppola's Dracula in the US was also 13 november 1992.


They probably went to the premiere together and married exactly a year after!

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