Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hey guys and gals :)
As you know, I've been a Pfan for some time now. I've admired and loved Michelle Pfeiffer ever since I first saw her in Grease 2. But lately, I've been really sad about the fact that there's no news on her. I mean I know that now she's probably starting a new film, and you've heard my reservations on that. But besides that, her pulicity is on such a low level. She's just completely isolated from the Hollywood scoop. And yes, that's one of the things that makes her special and yes, it's one of the things that I really admire about her. But it still sucks. I always get frustated over the silence around her. One picture each half a year is just so little...
Anyway, since there's little to no news on her, I've decided to put Pfandom on a hold. Well, not so much as a complete stop as a change in content. From now on I'll be posting articles on whatever I feel like. Mainly movies and celebrities, but other things could appear. I will of course always put effort in posting about Michelle also. She'll always be my number one girl. It's just that, the subjects run out. Each week I find myself struggling to find a topic for my blog. That's why I think it's best this way. I won't be so pressured to do a Michelle post, I'll be broadening my range and I can always go back to a solid Pfeiffer-blog whenever I feel like it.
I really hope you can respect my decision and keep following my blog.
Pfan forever,


kodjo said...

I will surely keep following your blog. Actually I'm pretty amazed you kept on so long, it's really very very silent around Michelle.

Let's hope some day the tide will turn, but until that day, keep on and have fun!

Paul S said...

I feel sad !
I've had a couple of days to think about this post and it feels like the end of an era.
It's right that you should do what you feel and the end of a year is probably a good time to make a change.
Whatever you decide to do in the future I wish you luck because I've enjoyed what you post and I've valued your friendship.
Your friend Paul.

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