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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For almost two hours now, I’ve had a huge grin on my face. Every time I try to straighten my face, the thought pops up again and with it a big smile. What’s wrong with me, you ask? Nothing really; this is basically every Pfan’s reaction to the best Pfeiffer news ever.
How long have Pfans been waiting for this day? Ever since ‘Chéri’ hit the theaters (mid 2009), we’ve all been on the edge of our seat for word on a new project. And now, more than 18 months later (it feels like a lot more though), that moment is finally here! Michelle Pfeiffer is back. Not with one, not two, but three appearances!
1.       New year’s eve
          Talked about this one here:

2.       Welcome to people 
It evolves around a man (Chris Pine) who goes back home for the funeral of his estranged father. He then discovers he has to bring his late father’s money to an illegitimate sister (Elizabeth Banks). He approaches her without saying who he is and learns that she's an alcoholic and has a troubled son.
Michelle will portray the character of Chris Pine’s mother. I’m guessing it’s not one of the lead roles since she’s not even mentioned in the summary, but I’ve set my peace with that. You know, she’s not in her thirties anymore. Yes, she had an amazing decade in the nineties and yes we all miss her “golden period”, but it’s time to move on. We still get to see her, that’s what’s important. She has set her priorities straight and respecting them is what Pfans are supposed to do.
I still think she’ll have an interesting part to fill. She won’t take just any mother-part (White oleander anyone?). I really hope she'll have that dominating screen-presence even though she's only a supporting actress. I kind of like the cast (Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde) and the story sounds pretty good, though there’s a serious lack of info. I don’t even know what genre it is. Sounds like drama, but it could be a mix. Shooting starts next week (!) in Los Angeles and it gets released in 2012. Really fast; it was either a rash decision, or a kept secret. Whatever it is, I’m very, very excited about this one!

3.       Presenter at the Golden Globes!
I’ve said I’m a sucker for award season and now I’ve got an extra reason. Michelle will attend the ceremony and present one of the awards at the Golden Globes this Sunday! That’s in 1, 2, 3, 4 days! I’m counting the minutes! lol
I’m guessing this is an introduction of TROP (the return of Pfeiffer that is). After this, the crowd will be ready for the two Pfilms to come. I can’t wait to see her. I could care less about the award she’s presenting or the dress she’ll be wearing; those are just details. I’m just so happy we’ll get to see her again. When I read the news, I got actual tears in my eyes (I know, so melodramatic right :p). Just last Sunday, I was talking to my Pfriend, Elsa, about the lack of Pfeiffer nowadays. We were both pretty broken-hearted about it.  Who knew, only one week later, we’d see her at the Golden Globes?! It’s like Michelle knew, and said to herself: “I should probably get back to work”. Haha, I know its madness, but I like to think so.
So we’ll basically see a lot more of Michelle this year. 2010 was a horrible year for any Pfan. Besides some pictures and the news in December about ‘New year’s eve’, it was a Pfeifferless year. But it has turned around! I can’t wait for the GG’s, the movies, all the interviews, talk shows and press calls. I really love how sudden all this news is. Just when I thought we'd never see her again, she pops of everywhere! Pfeiffer a has-been? No way!


Anonymous said...

All of a sudden it feels great to be a Pfeiffer pfan and do you know whats funny Chelsea?
The launch of Passion For Film has coincided with lots of Pfeiffer news to post about.
There must be a higher force at work :)

Chelsea said...

That's what I keep saying! LOL.
I totally know what you mean. Pfandom pays off! It's moments like this that make all the waiting worthwhile...

Beatrice said...

Like! no, no, LOVE!

laptop831 said...

This is so exciting!!!!!~ Its been such a Pfeiffer drought this last long LONG year. And all this news comes to me so suddenly! i've been on holidays at a no-tv no internet setting, so this all so new!! And amazingly exciting! OMGGGG =D
Im practically leaping around my room :PPP
The cherry on the cake is NYE is set to be released on my 17th Birthday too :PPP
I hope this new wave of news brings more and more :PPP
Beth, a very happy Pfan :)

Chelsea said...

Haha welcome to the club Beth!

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