MP at the Golden Globes

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pfans around the world celebrated the return of Pfeiffer last night… and it was majestic. La Belle Michelle wore a purple (my fav color :p) Roland Mouret. The color and fit suited her frame beautifully.

I flipped the channel at 10 pm (time difference) and watched the ceremony start. Barely 20 minutes in, she already walks towards center stage! I don’t know why, but I did not expect to see her so soon. Apparently they did call her name, but I didn’t hear it. So I was caught by surprise when she walked in. I actually had a big movie moment; you know when someone sees something amazing and everything around him just stops and all he sees and hears is that one single miraculous thing. It was precisely like that for me. When I saw her, these were the exact things that happened:
1.       My heart skipped a beat.
2.       Everything around me fell silent.
3.       All my surroundings became blurry while the images on TV became extra vivid.
4.       I could literally hear my heart pound three times faster.
5.       I held my breath and turned up the volume to hear every word as clear as possible.
6.       I just stared in absolute wonder and admiration.
She was off-screen way too fast. I had hoped she’d present an award, so she would stay on longer. But when dealing with these kinds of wonders, one mustn’t be picky. I am glad they sat her in the front. Every time the camera shot straight ahead in the audience, I caught a glance of her.
While I saw her down in the audience, old scars started to ache a little. One after one, I saw former co-stars of Michelle climb the stage. Robert DeNiro, Claire Danes, Colin Firth. To think that she has been up there for her only once… it just sucks! Will we ever see her up there again, accepting an award of her own? Well, now that she’s working again, we’ll surely find out :)


laptop831 said...

Because i've been living in a hole of a holiday house with no internet nor TV, i missed it! I'm heart broken that i missed it too! :(( Hopefully it will surface on the internet soon though, but from the pictures i've managed to find she looked wonderful! Purple is so her colour. What was she presenting?
xx Beth

Chelsea said...

Hey Beth!
So sorry you missed it :(
She presented Alice in Wonderland. Well, more of an introduction than anything else. You should check our Pfeiffer page on FB. The clip of her speech is up there :)

ELovesMp said...


laptop831 said...

OOH ill check it out now~ Thanks =D

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