Final thoughts before the Oscars

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Watching the red carpet now on ''. Still can't believe my country is not showing it on the telly!

How cool would it be if Michelle Pfeiffer surprised us again. Last year was epic when she showed up to introduce Best Actor nominee Jeff Bridges. I know there's not a big chance since she's busy in NY, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed...

I'm doing my own "awards" too this year. Categories are:

Best dressed
Worst dressed
Best speech
Worst speech
Best facial expression
Best encounter
Best couple
Best blunder
Best win
Worst win

I'll be so mad if 'Social Network' wins Best Picture! I'nn never watch the Oscars again! (Just big talk of course)

No Brangelina this year either... What's an Award ceremony without the ultimate Hollywood couple attending?

I wonder what Helena Bonham Carter will wear. Her look at the GG was certainly interesting.

Only 1 hour left! Can't wait!


Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

Cool, can't wait for your own awards giving.

Anonymous said...

same here! you have some interesting categories!

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