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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(Talk about a great cast!)
Dark Shadows is a gothic soap opera that aired from 1966 to 1971. It follows the strange happenings to the Collins family and their surrounding friends. The show features everything from vampires, to witches, werewolves... you name it. Well, this serie is going to be adapted by no one less than Tim Burton, who is a huge fan of the classic tv series.

Now the news that this post evolves around: my dearest Michelle Pfeiffer is in negotiation to star in this! This could mean:
1. Another Pfeiffer film!
2. Reunion for the Pfeiffer/Burton team!
3. Michelle starring with Johnny Depp!

It's almost too good to be true isn't it? I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I just can't help it! This is double the good news, because not only will we see her in a film; it's guarenteed to be a great film. Michelle's Catwoman was one of her greatest roles, partly thanks to Tim. I mean, even though Burton's last film 'Alice in Wonderland' was dreadful, I am absolutely positive that any project with both Pfeiffer and Burton can't go wrong. He probably just needs the right inspiration :p

I'm very excited for Michelle to do this one, because it's a different kind of movie. Yes, she's done some witches before and one horror film, but this is supernatural stuff of the highest caliber. Tim Burton+Johnny Depp+Helena Bonham Carter; things are bound to get very interesting.
I so LOVE the cast. Johnny Depp has always been among my favorites and Helena Bonham Carter is a great actress. It will be good for Michelle to surround herself with real actors again. Depp will play a vampire named Barnabas Collins, who is looking for a lost love while Helena Bonham Carter is to play Dr .Julia Hoffman – a specialist in both psychology and rare blood diseases – who helps Barnabas heal his thirst for blood.

I really hope she'll say yes. She's allegedly Tim Burton's first choice for Elizabeth Stoddard – the matriarch who has become an outsider in her house since the vanishing of her husband 10 years before. I really want her to portray this type of character. It's challenging for her and I love it when her talent gets tested (and afterwards higher rated) like that. And besides, she did Gary Marshall a favor by starring in 'Valentine's Day'; so why wouldn't she do the same for Burton? On the other hand, she's busy filming two other movies this year... All we can do is wait and hope silently she'll do it.


Jack L said...

I could see this becoming news developing into something interesting...
It would be good to have Tim Burton return to the quality of his early days, films like Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood.

Anyway, interesting post, I had literally heard nothing about this so thanks!

dinasztie said...

I also can't wait for this movie.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the best of the three projects Michelle's slated to work on this year, it's certainly the best cast.
I've got my fingers crossed that this one comes to fruition.

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