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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have no problem with making someone look more ordinary for a believable portrayal of a character. I do, however, have a problem with making Michelle Pfeiffer look less attractive for the upcoming movie ‘New Year’s Eve’.
Just compare this picture (Feb 23, on set of NYE)

With this one (Feb 22, at a Lady Gaga concert)

Get what I’m saying? They actually used make-up and hairstyling to bring her beauty down! I was so hoping to see her all glammed up... Maybe a bit shallow, but I just love seeing her at her best.
When I heard her character was a secretary, images of Selina Kyle sprung to mind. We all remember the shy, ordinary secretary in ‘Batman returns’, because even though she looked ordinary, she still looked interesting (plus she turned into Catwoman later :p). I don’t know if Ingrid (her character's name in NYE) will have the same effect.

Maybe it’s just the movie itself. I mean, I loved her plain look in ‘Frankie and Johnny’ (her other Gary Marshall movie), but that was a solid Pfilm. In NYE, she’ll be on screen for like 10 minutes (if we’re lucky) and I want her to blow us away with her screen presence. I know she’s beautiful, but I want the world to know it too. Sigh…
Click Here for a snippet of the shoot.


Anonymous said...

It's funny but I always find Michelle more desirable when they try and downplay her looks....The Russia House was a classic example, I adore the character of Katya!
I'm still not sure what to think about New Years Eve, as an old school Pfeiffer pfan I still expect to see Michelle headlining a movie but maybe I should accept that time has moved on.
I'm not going to prejudge anything.I'll see what I think when it's released.

Chelsea said...

I love Katya too! But again, she was interesting-looking. I partly agree with you Paul; let's not assume until there's proof.

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