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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Best Dressed

(Portman in Rodarte, Lawrence in Calvin Klein and Kunis in Elie Saab)
(Berry and Steinfeld in Marchesa)
Among the best dressed were Winter's Bone actress Jennifer Lawrence in simple red, Halle Berry in nude Marchesa and Hailee Steinfeld in age-appropriate pink. Also on top: co-stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. That pregnant glow around Portman makes her look extra radiant. But of course the #1 spot goes to:

(Bonham Carter in Colleen Atwood)
I know everyone else has this one on their 'worst dressed' list and this dress on anyone else would probably make mine as well. But on Helena Bonham Carter it just looks right. The gown was designed by the costume designer for 'Alice in Wonderland' which explains the excentricity of it. I love Helena's style, whether it looks terrible or stunning. She's not afraid to stand out and just wear whatever she feels comfortable in. With this dress, I think she hit the jackpot. And you gotta love that little detail on her leg!

Worst Dressed

(Kidman in Dior, Williams in Vera Wang and Blanchett in Givenchy)
(Weaver in Collette Dinigan and Leo in Marc Bouwer)
Why on earth would any woman want to attract attention to their hips, Nicole? The color does no good to her skin and that choker is over the top. While Michelle Williams' dress is fine, it feels a bit boring for Oscar night. Gorgeous Cate succeeds to impress in a dress that frames her torso in a new way. I'm not pleased with the look though. Weaver's silver princess does bad things for her shape and Melissa's dress makes me think of an ugly, unfinished wedding dress. But none of these compare with:

(Johansson in Dolce)
This look says that she was trying hard, yet the picture is lacking. Her hairdo looks unfinished, her lace dress was desperately shine-through -which I'm sure was supposed to say sexy and there was a huge lack of accesories. A nice set of jewelry or a cute handbag could've been nice, though I doubt anything could've saved this disasterous look.


(Annette Bening and Warren Beatty/Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz)

(Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter/Livia Giuggioli and Colin Firth)
Seeing classical Hollywood couple Warren and Annette on the red carpet will always be great. Javier and Penelope (who looks amazing after giving birth just weeks ago!) make a gorgeous couple. And if there were an award for most eccentric couple, no doubt Tim and Helena would win. They're just so adorably weird! lol. The most beautiful couple on the carpet had to be Colin Firth and his gorgeous wife Livia. But the award for Best Couple goes to:
Of course they got extra points for the baby bump :) They shared an intimate moment when Natalie won Best Actress.

Best Blunder                                                                                    

Ok, this one was not even a contest. As soon as I heard it, I knew it'd win. Best Blunder goes to Melissa Leo for dropping the F-bomb!

(Melissa Leo dropping the F-word!)
"When I watched Kate two years ago it was so fucking easy," the emotional actress gushed. She later apologized for letting the F-word loose, but the slip inspired a few jokes later in the night, with teasing coming from both co-star Christian Bale and co-host Anne Hathaway.
Worst Blunder

(The terrible hosts of Oscars 2011 don't know why they were picked either)
The worst blunder were pretty much all made by the hosts. I know I said I wasn't dissapointed, but I started thinking and comparing them to previous hosts and it hit me; they sucked! Anne was constantly giggling like a schoolgirl and James was making the lamest jokes in Oscar hosting history. At times I was just emberassed when he kept joking while no one laughed. His biggest laugh from the audience was at the Charlie Sheen comment (in his dress he joked: "the weird thing is, I just got a text message from Charlie Sheen"). Anyone catch his horrible attempt at making the Best Picture titles perverse? Horrible, just horrible. Please let the Academy pick someone better next year.

Another pretty bad blunder was Gwyneth Paltrow's very off-key singing. I bet she wishes she had rehearsed more (when asked she said she had barely had any rehearsal).

I'll post the rest of the awards soon.

                              "It's not the load that breaks you down.
                            It's the way you carry it."
                 -Lena Horne

Great quote. Great lady. Great loss.                                                                        


Jack L said...

Interesting read!
I didn't get to watch the Oscars this year, in fact I don't think I've ever watched them...
I think you've pretty much summed up what the Oscars are mostly about in your post, it's not so much a bout the films as about the dresses, blunders and the whole social thing.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the ceremony this year either but I have enjoyed your coverage of all things Oscar this week Chelsea.

Groggy Dundee said...

Franco and Hathaway were beyond obnoxious. I'll admit I didn't think much of Leo though. Nice write-up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea, I've read just this week that Gwyneth Paltrow is poised to sign a recording contract with Atlantic records!
So they obviously weren't put off by her "off-key" Oscar performance.

Chelsea said...

@ Groggy: Thanks and Welcome :)
@ Paul: It's ridiculous is what it is. She can't carry a tune!

Beatrice said...

I didn't know you now cover fashion during awards season! Ha,haha. I love that picture of Hailee, she's so adorable.
I have to say, the biggest dissapointment of the night were the hosts. I just hope that next year will be better(and that Michelle will be there. ha,haha)

Jimmy Jarred said...

I saw half of the ceremony on television. She is looking fabulous in all the outfits. I enjoyed reading this article in which you have highlighted the important events.
Natalie Portman

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