100 Reasons why I love Cinema

Monday, April 11, 2011

Following many others, here are my 100 reasons to love Cinema:

1. Michelle Pfeiffer

2. The way a movie of which I had expected nothing, turns out to be one of my favorites
3. Watching a beautiful trailer
4. Great on-screen chemistry
5. Knowing that there are hundreds of great movies out there, waiting to be watched.
6. Heart-breaking endings
7. Witnessing actors grow into great talents
8. Award season!

9. Reviewing movies

10. The fact that 2D movies are still being made, so not everyone has joined the overrated 3D hype
11. The realization that up to hundreds of people work on one single movie
12. Discussing movies on IMDB’s Message Boards
13. Angelina Jolie
14. Watching the same movie over and over again
15. The use of symbols in movies
16. Learning something valuable from a movie
17. Movies that put you in a mild shock due to their utter perfection
18. Great movie adaptations from great novels
19. Secretly enjoying a sappy romance flick
20. “I am Catwoman. Hear me roar!”
21. Telling the characters what to do (“Don’t kiss him, do not kiss him!”)
22. Laughing hysterically at a comedy while being all alone
23. Watching three movies at the theater, back to back

24. Falling in love with a character
25. Cheering loudly when a trailer of an anticipated film of mine is shown

26. The search for a movie that can finally make me cry my eyes out
27. The feeling I get, every time I’ve finished watching a really good movie
28. Knowing the lines by heart when I watch one of my favorite films.

29. Classic Helena Bonham Carter
30. Thinking of alternate endings, which you know would have been much better than the original.
31. Handsome actors
32. Gorgeous actresses 
33. Not coming out of my room for days because I can’t stop watching movies
34. Good use of cinematography
35. Finding the movie I’ve searched for forever
36. Escaping real life by watching a film 
37. Loving a movie that everyone else hates.
38. Seeing one of my favorite movies that I haven’t seen in ages
39. Realizing the range of certain actors by seeing them star in different roles
40. Clint Eastwood

41. Sexual tension without actual sex
42. Watching an uplifting film, crash back into real life when it ends, then watch another one.
43. “Fuck you how I talk, I’ll talk any fucking way I fucking feel like. This is my fucking bowling night and who the fuck are you to fucking spoil it by fucking telling me you love me?!”
44. Recognizing the actual person behind an actor’s character
45. Cate Blanchett
46. Good action scenes
47. Witnessing a character having to make a decision, while hoping for one side as much as the other
48. Movies in real-time
49. Movies so dramatic, they make you feel depressed days after.
50. Movies so joyful, they can pull you out of any depressive mood
51. Martin Scorcese
52. Recommending movies
53. Sharing my opinion on everything film through my blog
54. While all my friends go see ‘Sucker Punch’, sneak of to ‘Lincoln Lawyer’ and have the time of my life, alone
55. Suspenseful films
56. Doing the wave on my own when my favorite wins the award
57. Brad Pitt
58. A strong female lead
59. Running to the bathroom after a movie has finished, because the movie was too good to miss even a second (or to press ‘pause’)
60. The second viewing of complex films
61. Because one particular word or movement intrigued me, skip back a few frames, again and again
62. Talk to someone who shares my favorite movie
63. See a movie even though IMDB has rated it below a 6.0 and love it.
64. Grasp the value of a meaningful film
65. Period pieces
66. Staying put when everyone else leaves, to watch the end credits
67. A movie that lives up to its trailer
68. Viewing the world differently (even if only a while) after watching a movie
69. When someone asks me whether I’ve seen a particular Michelle Pfeiffer film, proudly replying: “I’ve seen all her movies.”
70. The many (perfect) accents of Meryl Streep

71. The way a movie can still move me after rewatching it tons of times

72. Listening to the soundtrack while picturing the scenes that went on during

73. British movies
74. Films with breathtaking settings
75. Blogging on the world of Cinema
76. Beautiful music scores
77. Michelle Pfeiffer’s deadly glare
78. Michelle Pfeiffer’s innocent smile

79. Wonderful movie posters that make you anticipate the release date even more
80. James Newton Howard
81. No matter what happens in life, movies will always be there

82. The realization that there are many movies out there that will touch me someday
83. Watching Angelina Jolie kick ass

84. Getting completely caught up in a movie
85. True stories
86. The Bonus Features on DVDs
87. When two great actors co-star
88. The way some films make me realize that there are people with much bigger problems than me
89. A movie so well-made, that you feel complete empathy with everything the characters do
90. Darren Aronofsky constantly shocking me with his terrifyingly brilliant films
91. Knowing I’ve just watched a horrible movie, but like it anyway
92. Spending all my free time and money on the cinema, DVDs and blogging, but realizing I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way
93. Criticizing professional filmmakers
94. Michelle Pfeiffer’s eye twitching
95. Singing loudly (and very off-key) to Mamma Mia’s soundtrack
96. Intelligent dialogue that makes you think
97. Recognizing some part of myself in a character or situation
98. The way Film has inspired me and made me realize what I want to do with my life
99. Being so passionate about movies that it has almost become the most important component in my life
100. The intense feeling of fulfillment I get every time I finish a post on my movie blog


Jack L said...

This is pretty awesome!
I've watched three films in a row in the Cinema a couple of times, generally I just pay for the first one then go and watch the other two afterwards...

You seem to be very passionate about film, I can relate to many of these facts. Although I don't often rematch films, not even my favourites, I feel that there are so many more great films to see that rewatching ones I've already seen would be a waste of time, but I can see why you would want to rewatch them, sometimes films are just so amazing you just want to start them all over again as soon as you've finished it...

Anyway, great work, this was a very entertainign read!

Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

10 - I guess no viewers got into 3D hype, only Hollywood bosses did :D
43 - where is it from?

Thanks for this enjoyable read!

Chelsea said...

@Jack: Thanks. You read my mind! I always try to sneak in for free too :p
Not all movies are rewatchable, but some of them you just have to see more than once.

@Lesya: The genuine movie buffs like to keep it old school, but many of my friends go to the movies just for the special effects.
That quote is from 'Frankie and Johnny', said by Michelle Pfeiffer (who else :p)

Anonymous said...

I definitely share 14 and 66 with you Chelsea, but my favourite of your list is number 100. You've every right to feel like that because your blog is superb!

Chris David Richards said...

90 - Yeah, Aronofsky scares me more than a little bit.

Chelsea said...

@Paul: Thank you! You know I feel the same about yours :)

@Chris: Yep, he's got a sick, sick mind. But he's still brilliant!

dinasztie said...

Such a great post. :D

Anonymous said...

love your list! IM a big fan of Angelina Jolie's films as well!

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