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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sigh... After a very intense study period, I can finallly let my film-thoughts loose.

1. @!#$*@%^!)*^&*@!%#!!!!
I was just casually googling some info on Michelle's upcoming film (New Year's Eve), when I see a headline that instantly demands my attention: "ZAC EFRON AND MICHELLE PFEIFFER KISS IN NYE". The words that came out of my mouth the following minutes were, to say in the least, unpleasant. When I first heard that Michelle would do her scenes with Efron, all I could think was: "Not as a couple, and please, whatever happens, for my sake, please, do not let them kiss!" The universe is turning on me, I'm telling you!
I'm actually starting to dread having to watch this movie now. They diminish her beauty, cast half of Hollywood which minimilizes her screen-time, and let her kiss a 20-something, skinny jeans-wearing,  boy who got famous from jumping around in 'High School Musical'! Not to mention, I'll have to watch the terror of all terrors: Asston Kutcher. Which leads me to the silver lining of this very, very gray cloud: I'd rather have Zac than Kutcher. We don't want another 'Personal Effects' disaster. And of course the ray of sunshine: we'll get to see Michelle in a movie again, finally! Though that's probaly the one and only reason to watch this movie; it's a solid one ^-^

2. New poster for 'The tree of life'

I'm pretty dissapointed with this one. Especially considering the beautiful previous two. I have mile-high hopes for this movie. I smell multiple Oscar winner!

3. Angelina=Cleopatra

Angelina Jolie has confirmed that she'll be portraying Cleopatra in the upcoming biopic on Egypt's last pharaoh. I'm pretty excited about this film. It could turn into 'super excited' once the other parts and director are settled. Angelina was born for this type of role. I think everyone can agree that she embodies strong presence and determination. Enter: Cleopatra. This version, unlike the 1963 version, will focus on Cleo's political life rather than her seductive side.
Many have rosen and fallen from the director chair; James Cameron, Darren Aronofsky and Paul Greengrass were all considered at one point. Although nothing is confirmed, David Fincher will allegedly take the dangling director's spot. I think he's a great choice. Though I wasn't crazy about his last film (Social Network), it sure got a lot of positive reception. And let's not forget that Fincher was the mastermind behind greats such as 'Fight Club', 'Seven', and my personal favorite, 'The Curious case of Benjamin Button'.
For the two leading men, opinions vary tremendously. Some crazy suggestions I stumbled upon:
Ceasar: Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Richard Gere (I'm serious).
Marc Anthony: Ryan Phillipe, Matt Damon, Daniel Craig.

My personal choices would be Ralph Fiennes for Ceasar and Clive Owen as Marc Anthony. Call me crazy, but I would actually love it if Brad Pitt were to play Marc Anthony. He has done his fair share of classical characters, he's got the look and no one would have to worry about on-screen chemistry! I know it's never going to happen, but a girl can dream, can't she? I think the production will ultimately go for two less known actors. This one's all Angelina ^-^

4. Farewell, Elizabeth Taylor

The end of an era occured on march 23rd. The sensational Elizabeth Taylor is no more. Being a teen, I wasn't there when her career was on fire, but I've seen several of her films. Angelina will have to work very hard to live up to Elizabeth's legendary performance as Cleo. Though she was a great actress, she was even more famous due to her personal life. Having worn a wedding gown a whopping eight times, you're bound to turn some heads. In spite of this, she remained America's sweetheart throughout her whole life. She has led a full life as one of Hollywood's great treasures. We'll all miss her.


Jack L said...

I'm not so impressed by the new Tree of Life poster either, I prefer the previous ones, particularly the one with the tree.

Angelina is an interesting choice for Cleopatra, I'm still not sure how I think about the project but it might just turn out very well... or it will be terrible.
Fiennes is definitely the best choice for Caesar though, I can't imagine anyone else who would be better!

And as for Elizabeth Taylor, I've only seen one of her films, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, but she was incredible in it, I really should see more of her work, and I hope she rests in peace...

Jack Ibbetson said...

Haha love number 1. That would be a terrible thing to happen. She deserves better

Anonymous said...

I missed this post while I was away last week ...sorry Chels!
Better late than never here goes:
Michelle and Efron I think you know what I'm gonna say...No thanks.
Angelina as Cleopatra...Yes Please!....and as for the original Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor was one of the all time greats and here in the U.K. we still like to claim her as one of our own even though she moved to the States as a child.
Rest In Peace Elizabeth.

Chelsea said...

@Jack L: That's what I think too; either it'll be great or it'll be aweful. Being an Angelina fan myself, I think it'll be legendary.

@Jack I: I know right! It's preposterous! Welcome btw :)

@Paul: No worries Paul, I'm just glad you're back! And I agree about Elizabeth always remaining the true Cleo, no matter how well Ange pulls it off!

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