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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I. First off, I apologize to my blog for neglecting and ignoring it for some time. Second, I'd like to add that it wasn't my fault. The last 2 weeks I've been doing one thing and one thing only: watching Desperate Housewives. (All 7 seasons, about 100 hours total, so approximately 7 hours each day!) It's the series fault for being so darn addictive! Yes, I love it. Sue me! Too bad this isn't a television blog; you wouldn't hear the end of it! One thing I'd like to remark on is the casting. The perfect casting. If there's one thing I can't stand its bad casting. All the DH actors are so at ease, it just flows naturally. I was so obsessed that I hardly watched any films. I think I've seen 3 in two weeks! I know, the horror! When I was done watching all the released episodes, for a few hours I didn't know what to do anymore. lol

II. Well, tomorrow I'm finally catching up to my movies. I'm seeing Hanna and Soul Surfer on the big screen. I'm pretty excited. Hanna looks seriously badass, plus it has had great reviews, plus it features Cate! Win win win. Soul Surfer, I'm very curious about. Though it has been rated mediocre, I love true stories and Helen Hunt!

III. Can anyone tell me why Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are ruining their careers? After their great succes with Black Swan, you'd think they'd get every possible role offered. And what do they pick? No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits. I mean seriously! As if the storyline of the two, basically similar, movies isn't bad enough, their co-stars really hit the spot. Justin Timberlake and Asston Kutcher. Wow, just wow. Mila Kunis doesn't have th├ít much talent, but surely she has been offered better work. As for Natalie Portman, I don't know what got into her head. One day she's giving her Oscar acceptance speech, the nest she's starring in a "sexy, fun comedy" Some people...

IV. Saving the best for last: guess what tomorrow is? No, not the royal wedding. No, not International Dance Day (how do people come up with this stuff?). It's Pfeiffer Day! My dear Michelle turns 53 tomorrow. For my readeres who aren't Michelle Pfeiffer fans, become one! I'll be posting about her lots tomorrow! And watching lots of Pfilms. And lots of interviews. And stare at her posters. You know, crazy fan stuff :p


Jack L said...

I'm looking forward to Hanna as well, especially after recently watching The Way Back and being rather impressed with Saoirse Ronan's performance...

Friends with Benefits looks ridiculous, I still regret having watched No Stings Attached so I won't be going anywhere near that one!

Anonymous said...

Wow 100 hours in 2 weeks!! You really are a fan of DH, mind you if you enjoy it why not?

I agree about Portman and Kunis, it is sad to see them appearing in such dross, maybe the industry should share part of the blame with the lack of decent roles for women or are they just badly advised ?

And finally Happy Birthday Michelle:)
I’m blessed this year because Pfeiffer Day has fallen on a national holiday (wedding, what wedding ?) so I can spend the day indulging in all things Pfeiffer. I’m planning to watch

Tequila Sunrise (my guilty pleasure)

The Fabulous Baker Boys ( my all time favourite)

Frankie And Johnny ( a film that’s fast becoming my Pfeiffer pfavourite)

and finishing of with One Fine Day (a film that always leaves me with the feel good factor)

Have a great day my pfriend:)

Ty said...

Hanna was Awesome! Great action flick.

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