Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I finally have my very own laptop! This means unlimited access to internet without getting off my behind to use the shared comuter. Two days straight I was surfing the internet, doing nothing specific, but the hours went ticking by. Two days ago, my 2day old laptop crashed. While I was working on a post, viruses and whatnot suddenly started to attack my hard drive. In 2 weeks I have my final exams, and I really ought to put all my time and energy into that. Though I don't believe in karma nor fate nor meant-to-be, I will take the universe's suggestion and take a break from my blog and the excessive use of internet. Even if I only post once a week, my mind always tends to wonder off to potential interesting posts and other blog-related matters. Exams start June 16th and ends June 29th. I will be back the 30th. hope you will be too.



Anonymous said...
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ELovesMp said...

I'm going to miss you, good luck for your exams, I wish you the best grades as possible ! haha xx

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