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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm so sick of studying all day long. You remember what it was like senior year? Wake up, studying, go to sleep, wake up, more studying. I know it's for my future, but enough is enough! Anyway, due to my (very, very) slow internet connection, it takes almost 2 days to download one 700MB film (I know). That's the reason why I've not been keeping up with "Project 1993" (well, that and school :$).

But now, I think it's time to plan my day more effeciently and cram my blogging in there. With that attitude in the back of my mind, I've come up with a schedule: Every Sunday I will post a review for "Project 1993". This will go on for at least 10 movies. In addition to that, I'm going to start a new project: "My 10 Favorite Actresses". Each Monday I'll put one Actress in the spotlight, mentioning favorite movie, best performance etc. I'll start with #10 and end with #1 (guess who? :p). Needless to say this one will also go on for 10 weeks. I have to warn you though; don't expect all the best actresses on my list. Some of them are merely B-actresses, meaning they've either dissappeared or never really shined at all. I judge them on performance, of course, but that's not all there's to it. It's in the way they act. Example: I agree that Nicole Kidman is a great actress, but I can't stand her. Why, I can't really explain; there's just something about her. Anyway, you'll see what I mean when I start "My 10". I'm thinking of expanding it with "10 best actors", "10 best movies", etc. But we'll see how that turns out.

For now I have to get back to my books; but next week I'm putting this plan to work!


Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

Great new plan, I'm sure I will love the new fave actress feature.

Jack L said...

I download as well, thankfully my connection is faster but it could be better, it takes me like an hour and a half to get a 700mb film.

Anyway, I like the idea, and naturally I'll be reading any of your upcoming posts!

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting with baited breath to see the choices for your 10 favourite actresses and your films from 1993 Chelsea, there are certainly plenty of worthy candidates to choose from!
I agree with Lesya and Jack that you've hit on a good idea although I think you're a bit harsh on La Kidman, I've always been a big fan of Nicole although nowadays I do miss her red hair and freckles.
Will Meg Ryan be featuring in any of your upcoming posts? I certainly hope so, but I won't be holding my breath...I'll wait and see.

ELovesMp said...

You always have got such great ideas for your blog, I always love them and I never end up disappointed (even if I don't always comment your posts ;)) !

Chelsea said...

@ Lesya: Thanks, I hope you will!

@ Jack: That's pretty fast in my eyes :p
Thanks for your support :)

@ Paul: I know lots of people who hate Meryl Streep, but they can't disagree about her being a great actress. It's just a matter of opinion I guess. You know all those little personal movements or characteristics certain actresses have? The ones that make you fall in love with them. Well just like that, I have the same feeling with Nicole, only it's in a bad way.
Haha, you know I like Meg, but you'll just have to wait it out :p

@ Els: Haha, I know Elsie ^^ Thx <3

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