My 10 Best Actresses (1/10)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm not very sexy or glamorous. I have a girl-next-door kind of look and I just have to do the best I can with that.
- Helen Hunt

Favorite Film: What Women Want

Best Performance: As good as it gets

Status: After receiving her Best Actress Oscar, she did a couple of blockbusters such as 'Cast Away' and 'What Women Want', but from 2000 to 2007, she kind of dissapeared from the film industry. She had a child and spent some time with her family. She also worked on her directorial debut 'And then she found me', which was released in 2007. In her most recent film 'Soul Surfer', she has a supporting mom role.

Future Projects: IMDB has several projects listed (either pre-production or filming status) including a voice role in ‘Jock’ and a film about writer Thomas Wolfe set in the late 1920s/early '30s, in which she’ll play older socialite Aline Bernstein whom he has an affair with.

Why Helen?
Despite her amazing acting abilities, she always manages to be subtle about it. When looking at her highest praised performance (As good as it gets), her character is very grounded and ordinary, but she nonetheless manages to work it into something incredible. She performs a role in a dedicated manner without overdoing it. There’s also a certain vulnerability about her that isn’t found in many actresses today. And because of that, she always succeeds in making people empathize with her characters. She can emphasize the face of worry so beautifully, but is also able to have a look of total freedom. It’s that kind of diversity I love so much in actors. Another thing I admire about her; she feels no pressure to be in the spotlight all the time. She won an Oscar, which is a very big deal, to say the least. She could've had any role she possibly wanted but instead chose to spend time with her family. Many actresses form a certain amount of self-righteousness when receiving such praise, but Helen is as down-to-earth as it gets. I realize when judging actresses, the main thing is to comment on their acting skills, but I always tend to compare and mingle the movie character with the personal character. It's my way of getting the best of both worlds.


Candice Frederick said...

i love helen most in as good as it gets and mad about you.

Anonymous said...

I first cane across Helen in a low budget sci-fi film called Trancers and I've always found her very appealing as an actress.
I like the way she's always conducted her career on her own terms and I also admire her because she seems to me, to be one of the few women in film who has accepted the ageing process with grace and dignity.
As for the best Helen Hunt performance I agree with you Chelsea, As Good As It Gets gets my vote too.

Jack L said...

I don't think I've ever seen any of her work before!
I'll have to check out As Good as It Gets...

Very nice post Chelsea!

Chelsea said...

Paul, I actually went back and edited my post because of your comment. I completely forgot to put her own character in there ^^ Thx :)

Jack, you seriously need to see some of her work. She's very overlooked, but nonetheless significant. I highly recommend As good as it gets.

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