Happy 45th B-day...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

to one of the most eccentric, funniest, worst-dressed, prettiest, strangest, most talented and wonderful actresses in Hollywood:


Anonymous said...
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Chelsea said...

Congats Paul! Yes, I do know you're a private person and I totally respect that. I actually thought about asking you for your birthday, but then changed my mind. If it weren't for Helena, I might've never known!
Anyway, I wish you a very happy '45th minus a few years' birthday :D

Lots of love, Chelsea

ELovesMp said...

Oh my! She's 45 today ??! Born just one day before my birthday !!! Happy to see she's a Gemini, as well as you and I, Paul !!! ;)
Happy B-Day dear friend ! Love xx

Steve_Green said...

Actually, she's rarely "in Hollywood", She and Tim Burton live in the UK.

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