My 10 Best Actresses (3/10)

Monday, May 23, 2011

# 8

(On her nude scenes in The Thomas Crown Affair)

"It never really dawned on me that, gee, I'm 45 and I'm taking off my clothes. For me it was a matter of living inside the character."
-Rene Russo

Favorite Film: Lethal Weapon 3

Best Performance: The Thomas Crown Affair

Status: Well, I guess Rene is what you'd call a C-actress. Model turned actress, she never really had a break-through performance and with very few exceptions, she hasn't done any notable characters. I'm sure many have never heard of her. After an absence since 2005, Russo had a small role in "Thor" as Frigga.

Future Projects: She's rumored to play a part in upcoming comedy "Frank and Cindy". That's it.

Why Rene?
Considering her status and existing filmography, I bet you're wondering why Rene? It's in the smile I tell you! Haha. In all sincerity, I just love the way she has about her. The first time I ever saw her, in a very silly film with Dennis Quaid, I was just drawn to her energy and charisma. Though she has done few significant movies, I find her acting refreshing and I love seeing her on-screen. Not to mention she looks amazing. See that picture on top of this post? That's a 56 year old woman right there! With the few movies she's done, she has still shown a range. Funny, sincere, sexy. Whenever I watch a movie of hers, I instantly feel good. Seeing as Superhero movies are not my thing, I went to "Thor" just for her (she had only 3 scenes and very little dialogue, but still). So in conclusion, it's not about what films she has done, it's about how she does them.


Jack L said...

I like her as well, she was good in Get Shorty.

I can't believe she doesn't act more often, she's definitely talented...

Anonymous said...
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Chelsea said...

It is too bad that she hasn't done more films. I don't think there's much more left when it comes to her film career, especially considering her age and status. But that doesn't change the fact that I love this woman.

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