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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perhaps I'm a bit late to join into this meme, but what the heck right? It's really simple. You name your favourite movie from each year starting with the year you were born. My list is a mixture of in-depth stories and guilty pleasures. I've been totally honest and some of my choices may be unexpected. I had to do only 17 movies, while others have done more than 30! I'm glad I was born in the early 90s though; I think that was the best period for films. So here goes:

1993: The Age of Innocence

Runner up: The Piano

1994: Forrest Gump

Runner up: Pulp Fiction

1995: Before Sunrise

Runner up: Dead Man Walking

1996: One Fine Day

1997: The Wings of the Dove

Runner up: Titanic, As Good as it Gets

1998: Playing by Heart

Runner up: Elizabeth

1999: Girl, Interrupted

Runner up: Fight club

2000: Requiem for a Dream

Runner up: What Women Want

2001: A Beautiful Mind

Runner Up: The Shipping news

2002: White Oleander

Runner up: Unfaithful

2003: Finding Nemo

Runner up: Under the Tuscan Sun

2004: The Aviator

Runner up: Noel, The Day After Tomorrow

2005: Mr and Mrs Smith

Runner up: Brokeback Mountain

2006: V for Vendetta

Runner up: The Devil wears Prada, Notes on a Scandal

2007: A Mighty Heart

2008: Mamma Mia!

Runner up: Doubt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

2009: It's Complicated

Runner up: The Lovely Bones, A Single Man

2010: The King's Speech

That was surprisingly hard. As you can see, sometimes I had no runner up, and sometimes just one runner up wasn't an option. For 2006, for instance, I started out with seven! I thoroughly enjoyed this though, and I'm glad I decided to do one last post before my break.


Anonymous said...
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Jack L said...

I like the choices, very different!

Most of these I haven't seen, but I did love The King's Speech and Finding Nemo.
oh and The Aviator is one of my all time favourites as well, I love that film!

I didn't like Mr and Mrs Smith much though...

Chelsea said...

@ Paul: yep, OFD is a classic rom-com. It compares great to the crap we get today!

@ Jack: Thank you. I too love how everyone's list is so different.
I knew I'd get heat for that one! Mr and Mrs Smith was panned by many critics and hated by many movie-lovers. I think every movie nerd has one favorite guilty pleasure that no one else gets. I just love the chemistry, the easy storyline and great actors in a lighter, funny movie.

Andina said...

Hey Chelsea,
great post. I wonder if I can still join, seems interesting.

I don't know if you've seen my latest post. I just want to let u know that my site has been moved to

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