Fairy tales redone

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remember the days you used to watch your old Disney videotapes over and over again? Remember indulging into the sweet fairy tales? Remember singing along with Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty? It may have been 30 years agor, 5 months ago or even just a couple of days; we've all been there. They're what you call classics that will stand the test of time decade after decade.

Hollywood just loves basing their films on succesful classics. Which is why in 2004 we got A Cinderella Story starring the sensational (:p) Hilary Duff. And as if one modernized cinderella story starring a young, talentless girl wasn't enough, Warner decided to throw in Another Cinderella Story starring Selena Gomez. I've been as unfortunate to have seen both of these films (for reasons I cannot recall) and I think it's safe to say that they lived up to my expectations: utter crap. Just now I've discovered that a third (!) Cinderella story is in production.
Recently, adaptations and remakes of these classics have become a trend. Amanda Seyfried, after playing the title role in Red Riding Hood, is now set to play Cinderella in yet another movie based on the Cinderella tale.
And then we have Beastly, a movie based on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale. A few weeks ago I was zapping through the channels and came across it. I couldn't watch for more than 2 minutes as I was afraid I'd get sick. So either I coincidently watched a horrible scene and should've waited it out (I wouldn't bet on it) or the movie is just really really bad...

I don't mind remakes, I really don't but at least make a decent film out of it! Oversimple dialogue, naive actresses and modernized settings may attract a young demographic and bring in big bucks, but our classic fairy tales deserve more than that!

One adaptation I am (super) excited for is Maleficent. It's going to focus on Sleeping Beauty's villain: Maleficent. I've always found her to be the most fascinating "bad guy" from all the fairy tales. The villains from Snow White and Cinderella are nothing but jealous witches. I'm curious about Maleficent's story, how she got there, where she's going. From the moment I heard about the project I knew Michelle would be perfect for it. She has that icy, untouchable beauty and that mysterious quality. And of course, the acting chops! But with Michelle doing three movies already and recent rumors about Angelina Jolie taking the part, I don't think there's much hope left. Of course, Angelina is literally the next best thing for me so I'm not complaining!


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