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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well, looks like the world, once again, has fallen into Harry Potter craziness. Every time a new HP film is released, and even months before, my friends, family and random strangers talk, chat, text and facebook me about *THE NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE!*. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the guy, but seriously! I did like HP when I was like 10 years old. Loved the books, went to the first two films. But I just grew out of it or something because I simply don't care anymore. I am going to the premiere tomorrow. Partly for Helena Bonham Carter, partly because my friends threatened me to go. And this is of course the final HP film, so I have to be there in case my friends break down and start crying. Aw well, I can relate to the crazy fandom; all I have to do is compare my Pfandom with the HP mania and I understand to my very core.  

Speaking of Pfandom, I am so excited for the three(!) upcoming Pfilms! New Year's Eve will be release December 9th, then Welcome to People somewhere in 2012 and Dark Shadows on May 11th.
I see NYE as an introduction to the Return of Pfeiffer. We all know she did it as a favor to Gary Marshall and it's fine. As long as she doesn't appear on screen with Asston Kutcher, it's all good. Recently I learned that Meg Ryan will make an appearance as a taxi driver, which technically means Paul's dream of Meg and Michelle starring in one film has come true :)
The real excitement takes over with Welcome to People. I know very little about the story nor the character, but it's a drama film, which means that with the right screenwriting, director and screen-time, this could potentially be Oscar material. And God knows she deserves it more than any other Oscarless actress (and I'm not just saying that!).
And of course Dark Shadows... Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, dark character, mysterious plot... In a nutshell: a dream project.
At the end of 2011 and all the way into mid 2012, you'll see nothing but a smile on my face!

And then we have Angelina's directorial debut which is no longer an untitled love story. In the Land of Blood and Honey is set for a release on December 23rd. Exactly in time for my merry period!

Just saw trailers for Contagion and The Iron Lady. The trailer for Meryl's newest film on the life of former prime minister Margeret Thatcher doesn't look great. It wasn't really a trailer as much as a mere teaser but still. The short video represented the film as a mockery comedy whereas I was under the impression we were dealing with a dramatic biography. Also, Meryl seemed unnatural. Not just her ridiculous make-over but her way of acting. She was on screen for maybe 7 seconds, but her movements and her way of talking... just very not her (I don't know how else to describe it). I hope this was just a very bad promotional attempt and that the movie will be great. See the teaser trailer here. Contagion looks ok, not great either. I'm more interested in the cast than the story but it surely has potential. See the trailer here

Well those were my thoughts for now. In addition to my two current projects, from now on I'll also be doing a weekly post on the movies I've seen that week. It's a way of keeping up with all the movies I've seen and quickly noting what I initially thought of them.


Anonymous said...
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Chelsea said...

Well, someone mentioned it on some forum (really can't remember which one) so I looked it up and found out that Wikipedia lists NYE under Meg's filmo. She'd be a taxi driver. But I just did some research and apparently no other sites have heard of this so I'm not so sure about the truth in this rumor..

Anonymous said...

I was so taken aback by the prospect of Meg appearing in NYE that I neglected the rest of your post Chelsea; I apologise and I'll put that right now.

Firstly Harry Potter; I've never read the books or seen the films, the only thing I do think about HP is that Steve Kloves has been wasted adapting J.K. Rowling when he could have been writing and directing his own work!

Angelina's directorial d├ębut sounds interesting. It wood be good to see her developing a career behind the camera and confirming what I've always thought; she's a lot more talented than most people will ever give her credit for.

Meryl as Maggie Thatcher!!
That is a very tough role for any actress to carry off. Thatcher is a very unsympathetic and unpopular lady and I can't see this film getting much of an audience especially in the U.K. but if anyone can carry of this role it's Meryl.

Saving the best for last,three Pfeiffer pfilms!
My appetite has been whetted for NYE after seeing the trailer and the prospect of a Meg Ryan cameo which incidentally seems like it might actually be a reality. I'm not getting too excited but I've got my fingers crossed.

Welcome To People is an unknown quantity, I don't even know who Chris Pine is but Dark Shadows sounds class.
It's interesting that MP has chosen to work with Marshall and Burton again, she was fantastic when she worked with them previously but then again when is Michelle anything but flawless!!

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