New Year's Eve trailer

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here it is: the trailer to the first (of three) new Pfeiffer film. See the trailer of New Year's Eve here 

It doesn't look too bad. I'm not expecting anything, I mean this is the movie that was the sequel to Valentine's Day at one point! All I'm looking for in this film is Michelle. Seems like she'll have a reasonable amount of screen time, especially considering the amount of actors and atresses starring in this movie! I'm still not happy about her sharing all her scenes with Zac Efron and I don't know why Gary Marshall always wants to glam her down, but I'm so grateful and happy to see her back on screen!


Anonymous said...
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VeronicaIsMyName said...

Guaranteed Garry Marshall will project Zac Efron as the star in this scenario, a truly unfortunate guess. Then again, maybe he's highlighting Michelle Pfeiffer, in a way that's demanding she be a major part of the movie business, as she was in earlier years.
I just gave two outlooks on one topic. You're welcome. I said that all with a smiley tone. :)

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