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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Well, I'm in Europe. I moved here for my education. I'm going to focus on media with my mind set on either journalism or the film industry for my prospective career.
Though everything around me has changed, I'm glad my blog is there to fall back on :) I'm also VERY happy that the download speed here is about 10 times as fast! I can download so many films in one day I'm running out of them!
So from now on I'll be posting about the movies I've seen each week. It'll be posted on Sunday or Monday. So here they are:

Little Women

I had heard about this classic many times but never got around to see it. One day I was bored and decided to watch this film (I had downloaded it ages ago). I really liked it, a story focusing on female independancy and the value of family.The cast was perfect, especially Winona Ryder and Kirsten Dunst, who used to be surprisingly cute. The piano scene almost brought me to tears and the movie got rid of my dislike toward Claire Danes.

Someone Like You

My friend was bugging me for a long time to see this so finally I did. It's about a woman who falls in love with Mr Perfect but things don't go as she had hoped. I know what you're thinking, the cliche rom-com movie again. Well technically that's true but I found this film to be quite enjoyable, due to its charismatic stars mostly. Also, despite it being a rom-com, it wasn't that predictable. It's the first film ever I've seen of Ashley Judd's and I really like her acting. And of course Hugh Jackman is always a win!

Howard's End
Though I usually love period pieces, this one didn't strike me as much. Despite beautiful costumes, music and setting, I couldn't help but thinking the story was dragging a bit. But that's usually the case with literary pieces isn't it? Emma Thompson was superbly though. Every  gesture, every twitch just embodied her character. Supporting actors Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter were impressive too.

Where the Heart is
Beautiful, inspiring movie. About a pregnant, teenage girl who is left with nothing and has to build up her life from scratch. After seeing Someone Like You I was curious for more Ashley Judd and came across this one. In the end it was more a Natalie Portman movie than anything else but that didn't matter. The story had the perfect blend of drama, comedy and romance. Just when things started to get tense, a comedic scene would  lighten the mood. Natalie Portman gives a bubbly but strong performance, she forces you to emphatize with those big Bambi-like eyes of hers. It's movies like this that make me loath No String attached even more.

Catch Me if You Can

True story, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio: all the main ingredients for a good movie are there and you can bet that they delivered! It's just such a charming movie. It doesn't cause tears, doesn't romanticize, doesn't contain hidden messages; it's just a nice, smart film.

Source Code

Caught it on TV when nothing else was on. It was OK, not great. I'm not a big fan o Sci-fi and the story didn't do too great on the dramatic/emotional aspects. Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan were pretty good but Jake Gyllenhaal missed for me.

Bad Teacher

Now don't judge me; I liked it. I went with my friends and we basically laughed the entire running time. Plus they showed Michelle on a TV so from that moment on, it couldn't really go wrong anymore :p Cameron is getting a bit old for these types of characters though although she is funny as hell. Lucy Punch made me laugh each time too. I don't think I would watch it again (saw it a second time on TV) because movies like this tend to get less fun every time, but I enjoyed it.

Green Lantern
Yawn... Literally I fell asleep when watching this. My sister dragged me, otherwise I never would have watched it, ever. It sucked in every way possible: acting wise, storywise, character wise. Valuable money wasted!

Must Love Dogs
Second rom-com this week, a bit unusual for me. First off, Diane Lane (whom I watched this film for) is so talented and expressive, I just think she's fantastic. As far as Cusack goes, I was a bit dissapointed. Come to think of it, I'm always kind of dissapointed by his performances. I thought this movie was pretty funny, at times even witty. But the ending was kind of a let down.

The Tree of Life
There are no words. I'm so glad I had the chance to see it on the big screen, a small screen wouldn't have done it justice. I was... dumbfounded. It lived up to all my expectations and all the praising reviews. I do understand why it's such a controversial master piece. During the movie, almost half of the viewers walked out. The other half kept sighing and couldnt wait for it to be over. I overheard people talking and discussing how boring and pointless the story was. I disagreed wholeheartedly yet their statements weren't unimaginable. Anyway, I don't want to write my thoughts just yet. I want to let it set in my brain and see it for a second time. Later this week I'll post a full review.

Well that was it for this week. It was an OK couple of movie days. I just can't seem to enjoy sci-fi, in particular superhero movies. Rom-coms can be enjoyable, as long as the actors are decent and the script clever. I think I'll go back to my initial love this week: drama.
Have a good one!


Jack L said...

Catch Me If You Can is the only one I've seen of these, it's a very good film and I liked the book a lot as well.

I really want to see The Tree Of Life, it's looks like something I'd love.
Green Lantern looks terrible, I'm glad I avoided it and shall continue doing so.
Congrats on the move, and having better download speed is great, however my new broadband is limited which is really annoying and means I can only download a few films each month.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're settling in to your new surroundings Chels and I'm glad you finally got to see The Tree Of Life on the big screen.
I'm not surprised to hear that people were walking out during the screening, it's a sad reflection on most modern moviegoer's but I'll look reading your thoughts on this film.

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