New Year's Eve trailer

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here it is: the trailer to the first (of three) new Pfeiffer film. See the trailer of New Year's Eve here 

It doesn't look too bad. I'm not expecting anything, I mean this is the movie that was the sequel to Valentine's Day at one point! All I'm looking for in this film is Michelle. Seems like she'll have a reasonable amount of screen time, especially considering the amount of actors and atresses starring in this movie! I'm still not happy about her sharing all her scenes with Zac Efron and I don't know why Gary Marshall always wants to glam her down, but I'm so grateful and happy to see her back on screen!

Seen this week:

Well, I'm in Europe. I moved here for my education. I'm going to focus on media with my mind set on either journalism or the film industry for my prospective career.
Though everything around me has changed, I'm glad my blog is there to fall back on :) I'm also VERY happy that the download speed here is about 10 times as fast! I can download so many films in one day I'm running out of them!
So from now on I'll be posting about the movies I've seen each week. It'll be posted on Sunday or Monday. So here they are:

Little Women

I had heard about this classic many times but never got around to see it. One day I was bored and decided to watch this film (I had downloaded it ages ago). I really liked it, a story focusing on female independancy and the value of family.The cast was perfect, especially Winona Ryder and Kirsten Dunst, who used to be surprisingly cute. The piano scene almost brought me to tears and the movie got rid of my dislike toward Claire Danes.

Someone Like You

My friend was bugging me for a long time to see this so finally I did. It's about a woman who falls in love with Mr Perfect but things don't go as she had hoped. I know what you're thinking, the cliche rom-com movie again. Well technically that's true but I found this film to be quite enjoyable, due to its charismatic stars mostly. Also, despite it being a rom-com, it wasn't that predictable. It's the first film ever I've seen of Ashley Judd's and I really like her acting. And of course Hugh Jackman is always a win!

Howard's End
Though I usually love period pieces, this one didn't strike me as much. Despite beautiful costumes, music and setting, I couldn't help but thinking the story was dragging a bit. But that's usually the case with literary pieces isn't it? Emma Thompson was superbly though. Every  gesture, every twitch just embodied her character. Supporting actors Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter were impressive too.

Where the Heart is
Beautiful, inspiring movie. About a pregnant, teenage girl who is left with nothing and has to build up her life from scratch. After seeing Someone Like You I was curious for more Ashley Judd and came across this one. In the end it was more a Natalie Portman movie than anything else but that didn't matter. The story had the perfect blend of drama, comedy and romance. Just when things started to get tense, a comedic scene would  lighten the mood. Natalie Portman gives a bubbly but strong performance, she forces you to emphatize with those big Bambi-like eyes of hers. It's movies like this that make me loath No String attached even more.

Catch Me if You Can

True story, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio: all the main ingredients for a good movie are there and you can bet that they delivered! It's just such a charming movie. It doesn't cause tears, doesn't romanticize, doesn't contain hidden messages; it's just a nice, smart film.

Source Code

Caught it on TV when nothing else was on. It was OK, not great. I'm not a big fan o Sci-fi and the story didn't do too great on the dramatic/emotional aspects. Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan were pretty good but Jake Gyllenhaal missed for me.

Bad Teacher

Now don't judge me; I liked it. I went with my friends and we basically laughed the entire running time. Plus they showed Michelle on a TV so from that moment on, it couldn't really go wrong anymore :p Cameron is getting a bit old for these types of characters though although she is funny as hell. Lucy Punch made me laugh each time too. I don't think I would watch it again (saw it a second time on TV) because movies like this tend to get less fun every time, but I enjoyed it.

Green Lantern
Yawn... Literally I fell asleep when watching this. My sister dragged me, otherwise I never would have watched it, ever. It sucked in every way possible: acting wise, storywise, character wise. Valuable money wasted!

Must Love Dogs
Second rom-com this week, a bit unusual for me. First off, Diane Lane (whom I watched this film for) is so talented and expressive, I just think she's fantastic. As far as Cusack goes, I was a bit dissapointed. Come to think of it, I'm always kind of dissapointed by his performances. I thought this movie was pretty funny, at times even witty. But the ending was kind of a let down.

The Tree of Life
There are no words. I'm so glad I had the chance to see it on the big screen, a small screen wouldn't have done it justice. I was... dumbfounded. It lived up to all my expectations and all the praising reviews. I do understand why it's such a controversial master piece. During the movie, almost half of the viewers walked out. The other half kept sighing and couldnt wait for it to be over. I overheard people talking and discussing how boring and pointless the story was. I disagreed wholeheartedly yet their statements weren't unimaginable. Anyway, I don't want to write my thoughts just yet. I want to let it set in my brain and see it for a second time. Later this week I'll post a full review.

Well that was it for this week. It was an OK couple of movie days. I just can't seem to enjoy sci-fi, in particular superhero movies. Rom-coms can be enjoyable, as long as the actors are decent and the script clever. I think I'll go back to my initial love this week: drama.
Have a good one!

Fairy tales redone

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Remember the days you used to watch your old Disney videotapes over and over again? Remember indulging into the sweet fairy tales? Remember singing along with Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty? It may have been 30 years agor, 5 months ago or even just a couple of days; we've all been there. They're what you call classics that will stand the test of time decade after decade.

Hollywood just loves basing their films on succesful classics. Which is why in 2004 we got A Cinderella Story starring the sensational (:p) Hilary Duff. And as if one modernized cinderella story starring a young, talentless girl wasn't enough, Warner decided to throw in Another Cinderella Story starring Selena Gomez. I've been as unfortunate to have seen both of these films (for reasons I cannot recall) and I think it's safe to say that they lived up to my expectations: utter crap. Just now I've discovered that a third (!) Cinderella story is in production.
Recently, adaptations and remakes of these classics have become a trend. Amanda Seyfried, after playing the title role in Red Riding Hood, is now set to play Cinderella in yet another movie based on the Cinderella tale.
And then we have Beastly, a movie based on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale. A few weeks ago I was zapping through the channels and came across it. I couldn't watch for more than 2 minutes as I was afraid I'd get sick. So either I coincidently watched a horrible scene and should've waited it out (I wouldn't bet on it) or the movie is just really really bad...

I don't mind remakes, I really don't but at least make a decent film out of it! Oversimple dialogue, naive actresses and modernized settings may attract a young demographic and bring in big bucks, but our classic fairy tales deserve more than that!

One adaptation I am (super) excited for is Maleficent. It's going to focus on Sleeping Beauty's villain: Maleficent. I've always found her to be the most fascinating "bad guy" from all the fairy tales. The villains from Snow White and Cinderella are nothing but jealous witches. I'm curious about Maleficent's story, how she got there, where she's going. From the moment I heard about the project I knew Michelle would be perfect for it. She has that icy, untouchable beauty and that mysterious quality. And of course, the acting chops! But with Michelle doing three movies already and recent rumors about Angelina Jolie taking the part, I don't think there's much hope left. Of course, Angelina is literally the next best thing for me so I'm not complaining!

Just some movie-related thoughts...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well, looks like the world, once again, has fallen into Harry Potter craziness. Every time a new HP film is released, and even months before, my friends, family and random strangers talk, chat, text and facebook me about *THE NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE!*. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the guy, but seriously! I did like HP when I was like 10 years old. Loved the books, went to the first two films. But I just grew out of it or something because I simply don't care anymore. I am going to the premiere tomorrow. Partly for Helena Bonham Carter, partly because my friends threatened me to go. And this is of course the final HP film, so I have to be there in case my friends break down and start crying. Aw well, I can relate to the crazy fandom; all I have to do is compare my Pfandom with the HP mania and I understand to my very core.  

Speaking of Pfandom, I am so excited for the three(!) upcoming Pfilms! New Year's Eve will be release December 9th, then Welcome to People somewhere in 2012 and Dark Shadows on May 11th.
I see NYE as an introduction to the Return of Pfeiffer. We all know she did it as a favor to Gary Marshall and it's fine. As long as she doesn't appear on screen with Asston Kutcher, it's all good. Recently I learned that Meg Ryan will make an appearance as a taxi driver, which technically means Paul's dream of Meg and Michelle starring in one film has come true :)
The real excitement takes over with Welcome to People. I know very little about the story nor the character, but it's a drama film, which means that with the right screenwriting, director and screen-time, this could potentially be Oscar material. And God knows she deserves it more than any other Oscarless actress (and I'm not just saying that!).
And of course Dark Shadows... Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, dark character, mysterious plot... In a nutshell: a dream project.
At the end of 2011 and all the way into mid 2012, you'll see nothing but a smile on my face!

And then we have Angelina's directorial debut which is no longer an untitled love story. In the Land of Blood and Honey is set for a release on December 23rd. Exactly in time for my merry period!

Just saw trailers for Contagion and The Iron Lady. The trailer for Meryl's newest film on the life of former prime minister Margeret Thatcher doesn't look great. It wasn't really a trailer as much as a mere teaser but still. The short video represented the film as a mockery comedy whereas I was under the impression we were dealing with a dramatic biography. Also, Meryl seemed unnatural. Not just her ridiculous make-over but her way of acting. She was on screen for maybe 7 seconds, but her movements and her way of talking... just very not her (I don't know how else to describe it). I hope this was just a very bad promotional attempt and that the movie will be great. See the teaser trailer here. Contagion looks ok, not great either. I'm more interested in the cast than the story but it surely has potential. See the trailer here

Well those were my thoughts for now. In addition to my two current projects, from now on I'll also be doing a weekly post on the movies I've seen that week. It's a way of keeping up with all the movies I've seen and quickly noting what I initially thought of them.

My 10 Best Actresses (5/10)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

# 6

"Of course one worries about getting older--we're all fearful of death, let's not kid ourselves. I'm simply not panicking as my laugh lines grow deeper. Who wants a face with no history, no sense of humor?"
-Cate Blanchett

Favorite movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button/Notes on a Scandal

Best Performance: Elizabeth

Status: Even though she starred in several movies beforehand, Elizabeth gained her worldwide acknowledgement. And for good reason! From then on she starred in many big productions such as 'The Talented Mr Ripley', 'Babel' Tin' and 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy. More recently, she starred in 'Robin Hood' and 'Hanna'. She is one of Hollywood's finest actresses today and I'm sure that will remain so for a long period of time.

Future Projects: IMDB lists 'The Hobbit', also known as the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I hope she'll do more period drama in the future, maybe even more royalty...

Why Cate?
She's just so great, I don't know where to start! I first saw her in 'Babel' which was obviously a pretty intense role. That's what drew me to her instantly; her intensity. I looked up more of her films and saw 'The Aviator', 'Elizabeth' and 'The Shipping News'. What really came to my attention is despite her amazing dramatic abilities, she always made it look so natural, like it wasn't even acting. Then one day, I saw 'Bandits' on TV. When I realized it was a comedy, I thought "no way can she pull this off! It's not possible to be so great at drama, and to master comedy also!" Well, I was wrong! After it was finished I didn't know what side to love most. Her comedic performance was so charismatic and again it all flowed so naturally. And I love her unconventional beauty, which is the best beauty there is. I sincerely cannot grow tired of watching her. She always finds a way to surprise me once more.

Seen from 2011:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

When I saw many bloggers naming their best and worse of the past half of 2011, I decided to look back as well. It wasn't long before I came to the realization that I have seen only ten movies from 2011! In the past 6 months I've only seen 10 recently releases! Anyway, since I obviously haven't seen enough to dub the best and worst, I'll just list my ten and quickly note what I thought of them.

The Adjustment Bureau

I was expecting a lot from this one, and I was partly impressed, partly dissapointed. The acting and the music were great, but I felt that the story, and especially the ending, could've been better. I was expecting something more complex. I mean, the love card gets really old at times!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger's Tides

Enjoyable way to spend 2 hours. Not great, but surely not as bad as people say. I really loved the cast additions and the reductions! Read my full review here.

Meh. I know almost everyone thought it was great, but I just didn't feel it. The actors did a good job (even though Cate was underused :$) and the music and cinematography were perfectly used, but the story and the characters never really got to me. Certainly not a bad movie, but not really my cup of tea (lol).


I went to this one purely for Rene Russo. I dislike Superhero movies and the idea of a guy from an  imaginary world coming to earth to find his hammer... It wasn't the most exciting thing I'd ever heard. But I went and actually ended up loving it. When you set your standards low, there's not a lot that can go wrong. And let's just say that Chris Hemsworth isn't bad to look at either :p

Kung Fu Panda 2
Loved it. Just as funny as the first one. But this one had sentimental aspects too which made it even better! And Angelina's voice... like music to my ears ;)

Didn't know anything about this movie when I sat down to see it. Never saw a trailer or poster or had even heard of the title. But as soon as I realized this was a dramatic disaster film with James Cameron's name attached to it, I knew I'd love it. And I was right: great visuals and good plot.

Hall Pass
Very forgettable. As a matter of fact, I can't even remember half of it... Just a silly movie about two horny guys getting permission from their wives to chase after women. Yes, stupid concept, all it could do was fail... If my friends didn't drag me in to see it, I never would've seen it which wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world!

Soul Surfer
This one had me at "True Story". It could've been better but I thought it was an overall nice film. It was indeed loaded with too much sentimental load and the real point was often clouded by corny lines, but I liked it. Decent performances by lead AnnaSophia Robb and supporting Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid made up for a lot.

Just Go With It
Not as bad as the average Jennifer Aniston movie. Yes we saw Jen in yet the same character we've seen over and over again. And yes, we knew from the get go who would end up with who. But once you ignore all of that, you might get a few laughs out of it.

Bad Teacher
I liked this one surprisingly much. Especially when "Gangsta's Paradise" started playing and a quick but significant shot of Michelle in 'Dangerous Minds' was shown! I shrieked lol. The movie was vulgar and didn't have much class, but it was still funny as hell. Sometimes a movie is just about the sheer ridiculous humor.

My 10 Best Actresses (4/10)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Clearly romantic comedy is my franchise genre, I don't mind saying that, it's true. I love doing them and hopefully always will do them. I don't feel particularly typecast because I think I do so many different kinds of things. Whether they're seen or not is another issue."
-Meg Ryan

Favorite Movie: When a Man Loves a Woman

Best Performance: Addicted to Love

Status: Let’s not beat around the bush; Meg is a has-been. Her last three movies were ‘My Mom’s New Boyfriend’, ‘The Women’ and ‘Serious Moonlight’. Never heard of these? My point exactly. Though I have to admit I have a weird love for ‘The Women’, I can’t say she has done anything good lately. I just don’t understand what happened to her career. One day she’s the Queen of rom-coms, the next she’s out of the picture. But nonetheless she had some pretty successful years as America’s Sweetheart with greats such as ‘When Harry met Sally’, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and ‘You’ve got Mail’.

Future Projects: IMDB lists two dramas named ‘Long Time Gone’ and ‘Lives of the Saints’. Though I have nothing against her dramatic performances per se, I really prefer seeing her in comedies. It just suits her. She’s also about to make her directorial debut with a drama called ‘Into the Beautiful’. I’m actually pretty curious as to how she’ll perform as a director. There are basically no details on the project but I have my hopes high.

Why Meg?
Because she’s just so Meg Ryan! Whilst the rom-com genre is going through a pathetic period right now, we’ll always have Meg Ryan movies. It’s no secret that I’m no fan of comedies, but her movies, and more importantly, her characters always make me beg to differ. Movies aren't like life; we can always go back and rewatch the ones we've already seen. She never fails to put a smile on my face.

Project 1993: 'Indecent Proposal'

Sunday, July 3, 2011

*Project 1993 is a series of posts where I review films from the year 1993. I do movies from various genres and mostly ones that really meant something to me. Here's a link to all the articles from the project.

A story about a choice between love and money
‘Indecent Proposal’ is the story about David and Diane, a happily married couple that has been together since high school. Though they live on a day-to-day basis, their marriage contains love, passion and affection. When David loses his architecture job, a series of debts start to emerge. With the idea of good hope, they flee to Las Vegas hoping to turn their $5.000 into $50.000. While gambling for the sake of their future, Diane catches the eye of a business man who gambles millions like pocket-money. Being used to buying all he wants, he makes the penniless couple an offer: $1.000.000 for one night with Diane…

The obvious intention of this movie is to let the viewer ask themselves “would I?” On paper, it’s simple really: money can’t buy love. But ‘Indecent Proposal’ twists it in such a way that this crass subject matter becomes unclear and ambiguous. Ever since watching this film, I’ve been discussing the topic at least a dozen times, changing my mind each time. You can’t help but sympathize with the enormous dilemma this couple faces.

I watched this film during my “Demi Moore” period and I was actually tremendously impressed. Later on, I did some research on the film and came to know that it was panned by most critics and even won several Razzies. I do agree that the technical details could’ve been better and yes, most of the acting was mediocre, but the story itself was great. Since when do words like “unrealistic” belong in a review anyway? Of course, half the stuff in the film would never happen in real life, but that’s why it’s called a movie!
Demi Moore, whom I don’t see as a great actress, did a pretty decent job in my opinion. I’ve always found that there are two sides to Demi’s acting: the innocent, pure side and the sexy, femme fatale side. The former shows in this movie. She portrays Diane with such a helpless quality that you almost feel sorry for her. Stuck between two men who symbolize either love or wealth, we can see, feel and understand the difficulty of her choice. I know I’m one of few, but I never blamed the character for the choices she made. Woody Harrelson was supposed to be the quirky, passionate husband, but his acting failed to impress me. Though he was responsible for almost half of the story, I never felt that he was emotionally involved. Robert Redford, on the other hand, was the perfect guy to play the rugged, handsome billionaire.

The story actually reached my sentimental side, which doesn’t happen very often. Especially the final scene, which could be seen as cheesy, got to me. Ultimately, the movie did something I love in movies: it made me think. It made something unimaginable seem imaginable. Not everything is black or white, right or wrong. Sometimes there’s a genuine reason for hesitation. But in the end (and I know how corny this sounds), love conquers all.

Favorite Quotes:

"I thought we were invincible. But now I know that the things that people in love do to each other, they remember. And if they stay together, it's not because they forget. It's because they forgive."


Friday, July 1, 2011

During my exam period I had only little time for movies, but I managed to squeeze a few of them in. One of them was ‘Nell’. And man, what a movie that was…
The story revolves around the title character that has been raised in an isolated cabin in the woods. When her mother dies, she is found by Doctor Jerry Lovell. Before you know it Paula Olsen, a psychologist, comes meddling in and the two start observing the peculiar human being. Nell seems to be able to take care of herself despite the fact that she doesn’t have any civilized experience. They discover she in fact speaks a personal form of the English language and Lovell starts to communicate with her. Although Nell is hysterical at the first meeting, it’s not long before a peculiar but special bond starts to form. We come across several complications when Nell explores the real world and the people in it, and conclude a bitter-sweet ending.
Jodie Foster takes on the title character and Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson complete the cast.
Movies like this don’t get made a lot. It’s a serious gamble to engage in such a different project. I mean, who would want to go to a movie about a woman seeing the real world for the very first time when you can see vampires slashing each other or the newest Jennifer Aniston movie? Yes, ‘Nell’ sure is a gem in this world of old stories and tired clich├ęs.
Jodie Foster is just a-ma-zing as Nell. I mean, how much can someone relate to a hermit? It had to be a serious challenge, but I can’t imagine her or anyone else having it done any better. I always knew she was a good actress but this just astonished me. She portrays Nell with a great deal of innocence. Technically, Nell is a wild woman but she possesses over such humanly traits that we’re able to understand and sympathize. Even the odd peculiarities that become obvious can be written off to her sense of love and fear. Liam Neeson wasn't anything special but he managed to create a  nice character of compassion with the minor importance he was given. Natasha Richardson was a typical "pretty girl", but I still cherish her performance. There were some heartfelt scenes between the two supporting actors. One scene in particular was hard to watch considering Natasha and Liam got married the same year 'Nell' was made and the fact that she died so tragically.
Although professional critics weren’t that impressed by this film, I was. The best thing about the film has to be Foster's performance, but the story kept me fascinated until the end credits were rolling. I realize that some things were imperfect and maybe even a bit unrealistic, but at the end of the day ‘Nell’ is a beautiful picture that tells us that our way is not the only way.

Why I hate the cinemas in my country..

While every movie-lover has seen, loved and reviewed 'The Tree of Life', it's not unlikely that I won't see it on the big screen, ever! From the first time (and the 2nd and 3rd and 729th) I couldn't wait for the day it would hit the theaters. For my main reasons click here.
Since the cinemas here only show the big Hollywood pictures, I seriously doubted whether 'The Tree of Life' would make it. May 27th arrived (maybe they're just a bit late), June 3rd passed (maybe they're just a little later), May 10th passed (maybe they're really late). I checked the schedule again on May 24th but no luck again. I call the office, suggest, plead, beg even, but they've never even heard of the movie -_-
Daily I check the torrent sites, but it's taking its sweet time to appear on the illegal side of movie-watching. Maybe they'll still show it in theaters when I move to Europe in 3 weeks. Wishful thinking, it's all I have left.
My fellow bloggers have been oh so positive about this movie and the majority seems to think it'll be a big hit at next year's Acadmey Awards. It's so strange, without even having seen this movie I already know I'll love it. It may take some time until I finally see it, but I know it'll be worth the wait!

Back to business!

Well, I'm done with my very intense exam period. I can finally breathe again and therefore resume blogging! I've missed it dearly and can't wait to get back in the blogosphere. I have three weeks before I move for my further education so that may interfere with the schedule a bit. For now I have nothing but time and I'm hoping to blog every day. I'll probably be reading up on other blogs more too since I rarely do that.
Well, I'm off to work on some posts!
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