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Friday, August 12, 2011

I've been shamefully neglecting my blog. It's not a lack of ideas or projects, god knows my head bursts of those! It's the time, or better said the lack of. All kinds of college stuff, house stuff, shopping (not the fun kind) have been hogging me all around the clock. I am moving my furniture tomorrow but for now I have some free space to ramble on all things film :)

The movie count this week has been rather shameful indeed. Besides the second Bridget Jones movie (don't judge!), I have seen none. It was on TV and it's always nice to see Colin Firth ;). I liked it better than the first, even though it has received overall worse reception. While on topic, a third movie has recently been confirmed. I was never fond of Renee Zellweger after her painfully annoying character in White Oleander, but her portrayal of the pudgy, clumsy, unglamorous Bridget Jones just makes me laugh. Yep, movie count: one. And it wasn't even a real movie, just a guilty pleasure. The funny thing is that I have bought a ton of DVD's, all of which I can't wait to see. Just have to find the time... Sigh, I hope I can catch up this week.

In the Land of Blood and Honey is getting closer and clearer, now with a new picture. I have such high expectations, it will be movie of the year if it meets them all! It'll be great, I just know it! The R rating stretches my smile even further. Nothing is as annoying as Hollywood softening serious subjects just to gain more money! I think it'll be a real portrayal about real things. I have absolutely nothing to base these assumptions on but I trust AJ to master directing as much as acting :)

Trailers seen: One Day, Like Crazy. No idea why I watched them, I was probably hoping for a fresh take on the romance genre. No such luck. They both look cliche, overdone and cheesy. But as we all know, trailers are about 20% of the time as good (or as bad) as the final product. It's always nice to see a familiar face, so seeing Felicity Jones (whom I remember from Cheri) was cool. Anne Hathaway on the other hand... I am getting REALLY tired of. Especially with the atrocity that is the....

First pictures of Anne Hathaway's Catwoman. I didn't like the idea from the beginning: Anne, sweet, innocent, goodie goodie Anne taking on the role of Catwoman? Ok, I thought, let's just wait and see. No one could ever fit the huge shoes of the last Catwoman (no I'm not talking about Halle Berry, she doesn't evern deserve the title!), Michelle Pfeiffer, but let's just go with it. Well, after seeing this picture I was just perplexed. It's just so horrible! I seriously thought people with cameras would come out of hiding saing "you just got Punk'd"! I know it's "just a picture", but isn't a photo word a 1000 words?! I can think of a few nasty words to describe it! First off all, there's nothing left of the original Catwoman concept. The sexy slinkiness and the playful ears... they've been replaced by a corny biker chick look. And what's with the stupid goggles? I know the movie is directed by the king of Sci-Fi, but the concept has to stay real. Otherwise, what the hell are we doing? Sigh... I don't even want to see the movie if everything is as bad as this.

My week sure didn't get better when I heard the news on a remake of Dirty Dancing. Read my thoughts on that here.

One thing that did make me so happy earlier, are some spottings of La Pfeiffer while she was traveling from the Dark Shadows set. New Pfeiffer pics always cheer me up :)

Well, those were my thoughts for now. I hope I'll catch up on some movie time and I really hope there won't be any more disasterous film news anymore. Have a nice weekend!

Lay off the classics!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I remember when the Black Eyed Peas went and stole the all time classic song 'Time of my Life'. How mad I was and how I kept saying that there are some things you should just never touch. Well never did I expect that the song wasn't the last thing that would be stolen from Dirty Dancing. Now they're actually going to remake this legendary, timeless piece of work? It's just plain wrong and stupid and impossible! When I read the article I just couldn't believe it. Who would be so reckless as to even try to remake that movie? As it turns out, it's a person who was also present on the set of the original 1987 film: choreographer Kenny Ortega. Fine, in all honestly he did do a wonderful job with the choreography back then. But directing is an entire other level. For argument's sake, let's take a look at his recent work. His movies High School Musical, Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana don't really change my mind, on the contrary: dance steps aside, those movies were directorial disasters! At least he is aware of the crowd's displeased stand:

"Saying yes to this project was a really tough decision for me, and one that I wrestled with for a long time, I had to be won over too. We have a big challenge and a long road ahead of us. All I can say is that I hope we can bring something unique and original to help change the naysayers' minds about the film."

The "unique and original" comment really scares me. No doubt he'll try to make it more modern and 'appealing to a younger demographic' (barf). Who knows, maybe he'll decide to replace the Mambo for a round of headbanging.

Besides an unqualified director, where on earth will you ever find two people as charismatic and wonderful as Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey? They were so utterly perfect it's insane! Not to mention their imndblowing chemistry... I was snooping around on some forums to see other people's opinion, and the cast ideas some had... They went as far as saying Justin Timberlake would be perfect as Johnny. I know that those are just people's opinion but it's not as if Ortega will cast unknowns. And just think and see who is out there of the appropriate age and with the right looks... It's a nightmare to even think about the possible candidates.

No, from where I stand this is a disaster waiting to happen. Give it a few years and they'll announce the remake of Grease. And with a remake of Footloose on the way... Can't they come up with something original instead of fix what isn't broken? I don't know why Hollywood doesn't realize that some things are there to be left alone on their pedestal...
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