Hi, welcome to my blog. Passion For Film is a movie blog; you'll find reviews, posts dedicated to certain actors/actresses, and just my personal observations on the film industry itself.
My biggest interest is film. I enjoy watching movies from a variety of genres and afterwards writing my opinion about it. I mainly just look up a specific genre or actor and pick a movie to watch. It can be a movie from the 80's or 2011; just a film that moves me in a way that I want to write about it. I don't just write about every new movie in the theaters and you probably won't find any negative reviews on my blog. This is the place where I out my feeling on pieces of film art that mean something to me.
For the first six months, my blog was all about Michelle Pfeiffer (back when my blog's title was 'Pfandom'). But due to the lack of news on her, I felt it was essential to broaden my blog. You can find the posts under the label 'Pfandom'. Michelle will always be my number one actress so I'll post about her as much as possible. She has a special place and I'll always be a Pfan.
I can't post as much as I'd like, because of school. I try to, at least, post once a week. All the content is just for fun and isn't anything professional.
Thanks for stopping by; I hope you'll enjoy my blog :)

x Chelsea


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